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Silent Hill: Origins


Unlock Codebreaker suit.

You can enter in the password anytime in game. However, you will not get the suit until you finish the game.

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, OUnlock Codebreaker suit.

Contributed By: pa22word.


Different Endings

In order to view different endings for the game, complete the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat 200+ enemies (Available only after beating the game once)Bad Ending
Beat the gameGood Ending
Use the item "Room 502 Key" at the MotelUFO Ending

Contributed By: Famished_Corpse.

Tesla Rifle

How to unlock Tesla Rifle: Beat game once & save. Reload game save & find room key 502. It is north of the hospital, up the long flight of stair's at the top of them. Play thru the game until you are at the Motel level. Use it to open the door & you will get the UFO ending. Save your game & reload it & the Tesla Rifle will be in your inventory.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
UFO EndingTesla Rifle

Contributed By: ja1234ke.

Unlockable Accolades

Listed below are the 14 Accolade costumes you can unlock after beating the game. While some of them give you special weapons, a few have different items to make the game much more fun and easier next time around! The Savior's Moon Gauntlets give your fists much more power when equppied, the Ambassador's Tesla Rifle is the most powerful gun in the game giving you rapid laser fire, the Butcher's Great Cleaver and Fireman's Fire Axe are unbreakable melee weapons but the Great Cleaver has much more power than the Fire Axe, the Stalker's Night Vision Goggles gives you night vision, and the Sprinter's uniform itself gives you no fatigue. If you're going for the Butcher Accolade (the Bad Ending), just remember to kill more than 100 monsters and beat the game normally on your next game. Killing less than 100 monsters will give you a Good Ending. For the UFO Ending, you must have gotten the 502 room key from up the stairs across from the hospital's entrance on your next game before going to the motel. You can even pick this item up before going to the hospital at the start of your next game as well. Good luck!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Used the 502 room key in Riverside Motel/UFO Ending (Reward: Tesla Rifle)Ambassador Accolade - Starman-style Space Outift
Killed 50% or more monsters with your fistsBrawler Accolade - Mexican Wrestler Outfit
Killed 100 or more monsters and beaten the game normally (Reward: Great Cleaver)Butcher Accolade - Bloody Clothes
Looked at map less than 25 timesCartographer Accolade - Cartographer Outfit
Entered the Konami code U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,X,O during anytime on your next gameCodebreaker Accolade - Vincent
Collected more than 300 itemsCollector Accolade - Collector Outfit
Never saved the game onceDaredevil Accolade - Dog Fursuit
Walked more than 22.5 kmExplorer Accolade - Explorer Outfit
Saved Alessa from the house in less than 80 seconds (Reward: Fire Axe)Fireman Accolade - Fireman Uniform
Beaten the game once (Reward: Moon Gauntlets)Savior Accolade - Lonely Moon Leather Outfit
Killed 75% or more monsters with firearmsSharpshooter Accolade - Survivalist Clothes
Beaten the game less than 2 hours (Reward: No fatigue when worn)Sprinter Accolade - Cross Training Clothes
Had the flashlight on less than 3 hours (Reward: Night Vision Goggles)Stalker Accolade - Black Ops Outfit
Killed 75% or more monsters with melee weaponsWeaponsmith Accolade - Streetfighter Clothes

Contributed By: FullMetal_Ninja.