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Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier


Precursor Orb Secrets

These are the unlockables and how many Precursor orbs that are required to unlock each secret:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
05 OrbsAct I Scene Player
05 OrbsAct II Scene Player
05 OrbsAct III Scene Player
10 orbsBig Head Jak
15 orbsBig Headed Enemies
05 orbsCharacter Concept Art
03 orbsDark Daxter Battle Helmet
05 orbsDark Daxter Football Helmet
07 orbsDark Daxter Kaiser Helmet
05 orbsEnemy Concept Art
15 orbsEnergy Exhaust
07 orbsGreat Beard
80 orbsInvulnerability
03 orbsJak's Goatee
30 orbsMonster Mits
05 orbsMustache
10 orbsPheonix's Floatie
20 orbsSasparilla Vision
20 orbsStorms-A-Coming
30 orbsTurn Safety Off
45 orbsUnlimited Dark Daxter Eco
45 orbsUnlimited Eco Power
60 orbsUnlimited Jak Ammo
50 orbsUnlimited Plane Ammo
05 orbsVehicle Concept Art
05 orbsWorld Concept Art

Contributed By: PhazonDaxter.