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Double Dragon: Neon


Play as a Ro-Bro

While on the stage select/map screen, press L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, Select and Start at the same time to play as a Ro-Bro. Input the code again on the same screen to revert back to normal.

Contributed By: ShinChuck.


Concept Art Gallery

Complete the game once and the Concept Art Gallery will unlock on the main menu, with 97 pages of unused concepts, drawings, and early game screenshots.

Contributed By: Punnyz.

Harder Difficulties

The harder the difficulty, the higher the drops from enemies.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game in "Dragon" difficultyDouble Dragon Difficulty
Beat the game in "Normal" difficultyDragon Difficulty

Contributed By: Punnyz.

Set Fuzz Face Free!!

Fuzz Face is a strange, flying friend with a very high-pitched voice. If you set him free by ducking seven times between the two tombstones right beside the ladder in stage 6, he will follow you around and drop Dragon Kick and batteries every minute or so making the game substantially easier. Just be warned that his voice is severely annoying.

Contributed By: crimsin7.



There are 13 Trophies - 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 9 Bronze.

Become the hidden idol!A Foot Face?
Finish every stage cooperatively on Double Dragon difficulty with friendly fire enabled!Double Dragon
Befriend everyone's most favoritest helpful character!FuzzFace!!
Dodge and get the Gleam 50 timesGleam On!
Max out every song to level 50!!Max Fidelity
Upgrade a song at the TapesmithMetal Head
Complete any level in co-op without taking any damage. . . with friendly fire enabled!Misters Perfect
Complete any level without taking damageMr. Perfect
Nail all enemies with the hair pickPick a Winner!
Finish every stage solo on Double Dragon difficulty!Single Dragon
Break all the Skullmageddon monitors in the Rocket DojoThis Channel Sucks
Defeat Skullmageddon!Victory!
Use every weapon onceWeapon Master

Contributed By: Similac.

Area/Level Hints

Secret Area before Giga Skullmageddon

On the very last stage of the game, after becoming a Ro-Bro, head left. Eventually, you will reach the left side of the screen. When you do, head down. You will climb down a hidden ladder with multiple 1-ups, and two unlockable chests.

Contributed By: giantnine.

Secret Roper Level

In stage 7 where you start off with the heavy bag in the glass cell, punch the bag 87 times to hear a chime and wait a few seconds. Your head will be replaced with Roper's and every enemy in the stage also has their head swapped as well. This stage is VERY difficult.

Contributed By: crimsin7.