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Wonderbook: Book of Spells



There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Successfully cast the Summoning Charm.Accio!
Successfully cast the Water-Making Spell.Aguamenti!
Successfully cast the Unlocking Charm.Alohomora!
Successfully cast the Revealing Charm.Aparecium!
Re-pot the Mandrakes in the Levitation Charm practice.Budding Herbologist
Find some treasure buried by the Nifflers in the Gouging Spell practice.Buried Treasure
Pass Chapter 4 test and prove you know the fourth set of wizard values.By any means...
Summon the wizard chess pieces in the Summoning Charm practice.Checkmate
Successfully cast the Gouging Spell.Defodio!
Successfully cast the Severing Charm.Diffindo!
Defeat the wizards using the duelling spells in the practices for Shield Charm and Disarming Charm.Duellist
Successfully cast the Patronus Charm.Expecto Patronum!
Successfully cast the Disarming Charm.Expelliarmus!
Successfully cast the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm.Extra pumpkin pie
Successfully cast the Bird-Conjuring Charm.Feathered friends
Defeat the dragon in the Fire-Making Spell practice.Fight fire with fire
Display the virtues required to master the 'Book of Spells'.First Edition
Successfully cast the Hardening Charm.Hard knocks
Pass Chapter 2 test and prove you know the second set of wizard values.If you've a ready mind
Successfully cast the Impediment Jinx.Impedimenta!
Successfully cast the Fire-Making Spell.Incendio!
Fend off the Devil's Snare in the Wand-Lighting Charm practice.Light relief
Successfully cast the Wand-Lighting Charm.Lumos!
Successfully cast the Mending Charm.No need for Spellotape
Foil the Nifflers in the Hardening Charm practice.On Solid Ground
Help the Knarls teach the Gnomes a lesson in the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm practice.Pick on someone your own size
Successfully cast the Scouring Charm.Practical Household Magic
Successfully cast the Shield Charm.Protego!
Pass Chapter 5 test and prove you know the final set of wizard values.Pure nerve
Successfully cast the Reductor CurseReducto!
Stop the Gnome in the Impediment Jinx practice.Stop right there!
Successfully cast the Stunning Spell.Stupefy!
Successfully cast the Levitation Charm.Swish and Flick
Pass Chapter 1 test and prove you know the first set of wizard values.Teach us something please
Make your Patronus appear in the safety of the classroom.True Patronus
Pass Chapter 3 test and prove you know the third set of wizard values.Unafraid of toil

Contributed By: Guard Master.