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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent


Alternate Endings

To unlock different endings, complete the required task during the final mission before the bomb is disarmed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Have NSA trust above 33% and save at least two of the three targetsEnding A (Good Ending)
Have NSA trust below 33% and save all three of the targets OR save only one target and have NSA trust above 33%Ending B (Normal Ending)
Destroy all three targets OR destroy two targets and have NSA trust below 33%Ending C (Bad Ending)

Contributed By: Liu Domi.

Bonus Equipment

Complete the special objectives in single player mode to unlock new equipment. (Alphabetical Order)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 1Electric Lock Pick
Secondary Objectives in Iceland AssignmentEMP Grenade
Secondary Objectives in Cozumel AssignmentEMP Grenade Attachment
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 1Enhanced EMP Device
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 3Enhanced Night Vision
Secondary Objectives in Iceland AssignmentExplosive Sticky Camera Attachment
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 3Frag Grenade Attachment
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 1Gas Grenade
Secondary Assignment in Cozumel AssignmentGas Grenade Attachment
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 2Hacking Device- Force Hack Upgrade
Secondary Objectives in Shanghai AssignmentHacking Device- Software Upgrade
Secondary Objectives in Okhotsk AssignmentShotgun Shell Attachment
Secondary Objectives in Shanghai AssignmentSmoke Grenade Attachment
Primary Objectives in JBA HQ 2Sonic Grenade Attachment
Secondary Objectives in Ellsworth AssignmentUltrasonic Emitter
Secondary Objectives in Okhotsk AssignmentWall Mine Flash
Secondary Objectives in Ellsworth AssignmentWall Mine Stun

Contributed By: Liu Domi.

Elite Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Solo ModeElite Mode

Contributed By: Liu Domi.

Unlock New Skins

Reach the required rank to unlock new skins.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Acquire rank "Recruit"Spy (Second Skin)
Acquire rank "Special Agent"Spy (Third Skin)
Acquire rank "Field Agent"Upsilon Forces (Second Skin)
Acquire rank "Commander"Upsilon Forces (Third Skin)

Contributed By: Liu Domi.


Extended Time in Kinshasa Level

At the end of this level, when you are supposed to use a sniper rifle to shoot Hamza Hishima, do not kill him. Instead, wait until the crane you are on falls down. Emile will yell at you for missing Hamza. Your character will then turn off his radio and the level will be extended by several minutes.

Contributed By: Liu Domi.