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Unreal Tournament III


Unlock Characters

Enter At Custom Character Screen

phayderUnlock Alanna (Necris)
jihanUnlock Ariel (Iron Clad)

Contributed By: GenuineJulian.


Unlock all characters in campaign

In addition to the two preorder characters (Alanna and Ariel), 8 more characters are unlocked via campaign on any difficulty. Note: to unlock Leaders (Lauren, Matrix, Scythe), be sure to choose all the second choices for missions in all chapters, and kill the Leader in every deathmatch with them. By the end of the chapter, they will be unlocked.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlocked after final missionAkasha
Unlocked after early mission in Chapter 4Damian
Unlocked after early mission in Chapter 4Kragoth
Defeat in Deathmatch sidemission in Chapter 2Lauren
Unlocked after CTF in Chapter 5Loque
Unlocked after early mission in Chapter 4Malakai
Defeat in Deathmatch sidemission in Chapter 3Matrix
Defeat in Deathmatch sidemission in Chapter 4Scythe

Contributed By: Ryouga21.



Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete 100 VCTF matches played to at least 3 captures30 Minutes or Less (Bronze)
Get the "Top Gun" award in 20 matchesAce (Bronze)
Get the "Roadkill" award in 10 matchesArmadillo (Bronze)
Win a multiplayer match on every mapAround the World (Silver)
Complete Chapter 3 in InsaneBag of Bolts (Silver)
Return 100 Orbs in Warfare matchesBeeing a Hero (Bronze)
Get the "Big Game Hunter" award in 10 matchesBig Game Hunter (Bronze)
Get the "Head Hunter" award in 10 matchesBrain Surgeon (Bronze)
Complete 100 Warfare matches played to at least 3 pointsConnect the Dots (Bronze)
Get the "Bullseye" (self-destruct to destroy an enemy) award in 20 matchesDeathwish (Bronze)
Have over 20 minutes of "UDamage Time"Delivering the Hurt (Bronze)
Complete chapter 3Does Not Compute (Bronze)
Get the "Combo King" award in 10 matchesDont Taze Me Bro! (Bronze)
Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.Fear the Reaper (Gold)
Complete 100 CTF matches played to at least 3 captures.Flag Waver (Bronze)
Get 200 kills in multiplayer on 50 different daysGet a Life (Silver)
Get the "Biohazard" award in 10 matchesGoo God (Bronze)
Complete 10 mission in co-opGot Your Back (Bronze)
Get the "JackHammer" award in 10 matchesHammerhead (Bronze)
Achieve a Hat Trick in 10 CTF or VCTF matchesHat Trick (Bronze)
Get the "Rocket Scientist" award in 10 matches and "Flak Master" award in 10 matchesHave a Nice Day (Bronze)
Complete 1 mission in co-opI Need Some Backup (Bronze)
Complete an Instant Action Match in every game modeI See How It Is (Bronze)
Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign.I'm Not on a Holy War (Silver)
Kill an enemy with every vehicle (except hoverboard)Jack of All Trades (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 in InsaneJust Business (Silver)
End Sprees in 20 matchesKilljoy (Bronze)
Complete a multiplayer match in every game typeLet's Get It On (Bronze)
Collect every power up on every mapLike the Back of My Hand (Silver)
Complete chapter 1Lock and Load (Bronze)
Have over 20 minutes of "Invisibility Time"Never Saw It Coming (Bronze)
Complete chapter 4Not in Kansas Anymore (Bronze)
Get the "First Blood" award in 40 matchesOff to a Good Start (Bronze)
Win 500 online matchesOnline Champion (Gold)
Complete Chapter 4 in InsaneOpen War (Silver)
Complete 100 Deathmatch or Duel Matches played to atleast 20 kills.Paint the Town Red (Bronze)
Get the "Gun Slinger" award in 10 matchesPistolero (Bronze)
Have over 20 minutes of "Berserk Time"Seeing Red (Bronze)
Get the "Killing Spree" award in 20 matchesSerial Killer (Bronze)
Get the "Blue Streak" award in 10 matchesShard-O-Matic (Bronze)
Get the "Monster Kill" award in 20 matchesSir Slays-a-Lot (Bronze)
Complete chapter 2Soldier's Blood (Bronze)
Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per matchSpice of Life (Bronze)
Get the "Shaft master" award in 10 matchesStrongest Link (Bronze)
Have over 10 minutes of "Invulnerable Time"Survival of the Fittest (Bronze)
Complete a campaign in co-opThanks to All the Little People (Silver)
Collect all other trophies.Unreal! (Platinum)
Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dyingUntouchable (Gold)

Contributed By: Guard Master.