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Time Crisis 4



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Complete MissionCaptain Rush background
Beat Arcade mode onceCrisis Missions
Beat the Crisis Missions final battleElizabeth Conway background
Beat Arcade mode onceFreeplay (aka unlimited continues)
Clear Complete Mission twiceInfinite Ammo
Beat the final mission of Crisis MissionsMusic Player
Clear Complete Mission onceShield
Beat Arcade mode onceUnlimited Handgun Ammo
Beat Arcade mode twiceUnlimited Special Weapons Ammo
Beat Arcade modeVSSE agents background

Contributed By: Teeranus, OrangeWizard, Jayson619, William_Roebuck, and Rezon.


More continues

Getting Game Over on Story Mode multiple times will increase the number of continues you have until you have infinite continues.

Contributed By: Snipingkidx.