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Bionic Commando


Rearmed Unlockables

By owning and playing Bionic Commando you get 3 extra unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, go to Area A and you'll find a floating FSA iconPrototype Weapon
In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, collect all 12 YashichisPurple Matrix
Downloading Bionic Commando: RearmedRetro Outfit

Contributed By: ukylink.



Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete "Air to Surface" challengeAir to Surface (Bronze)
Complete "Barrage" challengeBarrage (Bronze)
Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challengeBiomech Sweeper (Bronze)
Complete all challenges in the game.Bionically Challenged (Gold)
Complete "Blood Trial" challengeBlood Trial (Bronze)
Complete "Can you dig it?" challengeCan you dig it? (Bronze)
Kill Groeder -- Kill him for goodChoke on that (Silver)
Complete "Close Up" challengeClose Up (Bronze)
Complete "Come Out and Play" challengeCome Out and Play (Bronze)
Complete "Cracker" challengeCracker (Bronze)
Complete "Crowd Control" challengeCrowd Control (Bronze)
Complete "Down To Earth" challengeDown To Earth (Bronze)
Complete "Drive-by" challengeDrive-by (Bronze)
Complete the final missionEnd Game (Gold)
Complete "Explosive Delivery" challengeExplosive Delivery (Bronze)
Complete "Fair Fight!" challengeFair Fight! (Bronze)
Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challengeFeel the Beat, Y'all! (Bronze)
Complete all other Bionic Commando TrophiesGo-Go Bionic! (Platinum)
Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challengeHeadshot Bonanza (Bronze)
Finish the game in Hard mode.I got Hard (Silver)
Finish the game in Commando mode.I went Commando (Gold)
Complete "Incoming!" challengeIncoming! (Bronze)
Complete "Jabber Man" challengeJabber Man (Bronze)
Complete "Kaboom" challengeKaboom (Bronze)
Complete "Kick In The Back" challengeKick In The Back (Bronze)
Complete "Leap Up!" challengeLeap Up! (Bronze)
Complete "Let the Dog Out" challengeLet the Dog Out (Bronze)
Complete "Man Locked Up" challengeMan Locked Up (Bronze)
Complete "Nemesis" challengeNemesis (Bronze)
Complete "Out of the Bush" challengeOut of the Bush (Bronze)
Complete "Poly Cruncher" challengePoly Cruncher (Bronze)
Complete "Pull!" challengePull! (Bronze)
Complete "Receiving End" challengeReceiving End (Bronze)
Complete "Rocket Man" challengeRocket Man (Bronze)
Complete "Shellshock" challengeShellshock (Bronze)
Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challengeShoot 'Em Up! (Bronze)
Complete "Slayer" challengeSlayer (Bronze)
Complete "Spence is in the Air" challengeSpence is in the Air (Bronze)
Complete "Stroke of Luck" challengeStroke of Luck (Bronze)
Complete "Swinger" challengeSwinger (Bronze)
Find all collectibles in the game.The Collector (Silver)
Complete "The Pinball Effect" challengeThe Pinball Effect (Bronze)
Complete "The Pitcher" challengeThe Pitcher (Silver)
Complete "The River" challengeThe River (Bronze)
Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challengeTorn Into Pieces (Bronze)
Complete "Train Wreck" challengeTrain Wreck (Bronze)
Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challengeTwo Hit Wonder (Bronze)
Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challengeWhip 'Em Good (Bronze)
Complete "Whoo-paah!" challengeWhoo-paah! (Bronze)
Complete "Worthy Foe" challengeWorthy Foe (Bronze)

Contributed By: Guard Master.