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Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll



There are 28 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Max out Rune Fighter skillsArch Rune Fighter
Obtain the Arch Sword soulArch Sword Apprentice
Win the Undead Cup in the ArenaBane of the Undead
Unlock all monster entriesBestiary Professor
Get a blackack in blackjackBlackjack Ace
Dagda joins your partyBoldan Rising
Selene joins your partyDestiny with a Darkenith
Defeat the Dragon KingDown with the Dragon King
Win the Dragon Cup in the ArenaDragon Slayer
Unlock all character entriesFaces of Vyashion
Clear the Fifth ChapterFifth Chapter Cleared
Clear the First ChapterFirst Chapter Cleared
Get a 5-card Charlie in blackjackFive Card Charlie
Clear the Fourth ChapterFourth Chapter Cleared
Win the GIant Cup in the ArenaGiant Killer
Win the Goblin Cup in the ArenaGoblin Smasher
Max out Chrome Heart skillsImprenetrable Chrome Heart
Complete Leonique's LabyrinthLabyrinth Mastermind
Obtain the Lunar Shadow soulLunar Shadow Crescent
Max out Lunar Shadow skillsLunar Shadow Eclipse
Max out Arch Sword skillsMaster Arch Swordsman
Max out Negavantia skillsMaximum Negavanitia
Gather over 100,000 medalsMedal Madness
Obtain the Negavanitia soulMinimum Negavanitia
Obtain the Nosferatu soulNeophyte Nosferatu
Complete over 70 questsNo Quest Too Small...
Travel to all dungeons and citiesNo Stone Left Unturned
Max out Nosferatu skillsNosferatu Matriarch
Defeat over 3,000 enemiesOut for Blood
Achieve over level 30 with all charactersPath to Glory
Possess over 100,000 geaRags to Riches
Clear the Second ChapterSecond Chapter Cleared
Obtain the Chrome Heart soulSolid Chrome Heart
Max out all skillsSoul Harvester
Max out Mighty Blow skillsSupreme Mighty Blow
Clear the Third ChapterThird Chapter Cleared
Max out Trickster skillsTrickster Extraordinaire
Unlock all trophiesUltimate Soul Bearer
Unlock all story entries and contentsVyashion Historian
Max out Warrior Monk skillsWarrior Monk Adept
Obtain the Warrior Monk soulWarrior Monk Novice
Achieve level 99 with all charactersWarriors Unrivaled

Contributed By: Guard Master.