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Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (2009)



Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 34 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete Alaska regionAlaska Hunter (Gold)
Hunt 5 animals using the bowBow Mastery (Bronze)
Complete British Columbia regionBritish Columbia Hunter (Gold)
Make 5 good callsCall Expert (Bronze)
Make 20 good callsCall Master (Bronze)
Make 1 good callCall Novice (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Caribou in Trophy Chase modeCaribou Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Make 5 good castsCasting Expert (Bronze)
Make 20 good castsCasting Master (Bronze)
Make 1 good castCasting Novice (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Columbian Blacktail Deer in Trophy Chase modeColumbian Blacktail Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Coues Deer in Trophy Chase modeCoues Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Desert Bighorn Sheep in Trophy Chase modeDesert Bighorn Sheep Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 10 Big Game Animals using one shot per animalEfficient Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Elk in Trophy Chase modeElk Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Complete first fishing challenge from the gameFisherman (Bronze)
Complete first hunt from the gameGreenhorn (Bronze)
Hunt animals using all guns from the gameGuns Collector (Bronze)
Hunt 5 animals using the handgunHandgun Mastery (Bronze)
Complete Idaho regionIdaho Hunter (Gold)
Hunt 10 trophies with 100% trophy integrityIntegrity (Bronze)
Complete Kansas regionKansas Hunter (Gold)
Hunt 20 Big Game Animals using one shot per animalMarksman (Bronze)
Hunt 5 Big Game Animals using one shot per animalMerciful Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Moose in Trophy Chase modeMoose Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Mountain Goat in Trophy Chase modeMountain Goat Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Complete all optional hunts within at least one regionNotorious Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 10 Big Game Animals using iron sightsOld School Hunter (Bronze)
Explore and complete all the opportunity huntsOpportunistic Hunter (Bronze)
Complete all Pheasant huntsPheasant Hunter (Silver)
Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.Platinum (Platinum)
Hunt 1 Pronghorn Antelope in Trophy Chase modePronghorn Antelope Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 10 animals from the hipQuick Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 10 animals using the rifleRifle Mastery (Bronze)
Hunt 1 Rocky Mountain Mule Deer in Trophy Chase modeRocky Mountain Mule Deer Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Hunt 20 birds using the shotgunShotgun Mastery (Silver)
Hunt 1 Sitka Blacktail Deer in Trophy Chase modeSitka Blacktail Trophy Hunter (Bronze)
Examine 5 animal marksTracking Expert (Bronze)
Examine 10 animal marksTracking Master (Bronze)
Examine 1 animal markTracking Novice (Bronze)
Gather 200 Trophy pointsTrophy Seeker (Gold)
Complete all Turkey huntsTurkey Hunter (Silver)
Hunt 1 Whitetail Deer in Trophy Chase modeWhitetail Trophy Hunter (Bronze)

Contributed By: Guard Master.