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Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen!



Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Earn all Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.100% Complete (Platinum)
Answer 100 Sketches, Child's Play, Pixel Flix, or Now Playing questions correctly.Art House Tour (Bronze)
Score 200,000 points in a Long Game.Award-Winning Performance (Silver)
Score more than 200,000 points in a Short Game.Background Artist (Silver)
Successfully answer 35 questions in Pop Quiz about Oscar winning actors and actresses.Best Actor (Bronze)
Successfully answer 40 questions about Oscar winning movies.Best Picture (Bronze)
Score 60,000 points in a Short Game.Bit Part (Bronze)
Score more than 250,000 points in a Fast-Fire Game.Blazing Pace (Silver)
Activate and win the Star System twice in one game.Bonus Bandit (Bronze)
Answer one question correctly from every puzzle type.Cameo Appearance (Bronze)
Play a full game with each avatar.Casting Call (Bronze)
Place 4th place at the end of a round in a Long Play Game, then win the game.Come from Behind (Bronze)
Complete 5 games in Classic or Fast Fire.Couch Potato (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Soundclip or Songs & Slogans question in one Puzzle Block.Dialect Coach (Bronze)
Get 10 questions correct in a row in any game mode.Director (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Sketches, Pixel Flix or Child's Play question in one Puzzle Block.Drawing Up Storyboards (Bronze)
Play a Long Game.Epic Feature (Bronze)
Score less than 50,000 points in Fast-Fire Game.False Start (Bronze)
Score more than 500,000 points in a Fast-Fire Game.Faster Than Light (Gold)
Answer 100 Visual Puzzler, Distorted Reality, Props, or Invisibles Questions correctly.Film Vault Tour (Bronze)
Correctly answer every invisibles or Props question in one Puzzle Block.Finding the Macguffin (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Credit Roll or Quotables question in one Puzzle Block.Flash Forward (Bronze)
Answer 100 Sequentials, Strike a Match, Anagrams, or Pictograms Questions correctly.Game Show Tour (Bronze)
Score more than 150,000 points in a Short Play Game with 2 or more players.Heroic Score (Bronze)
Complete 10 games in Classic or Fast Fire.Home Rentals (Bronze)
Answer one Puzzle block all correct and another one all incorrect in the same Short Play Game.Hot and Cold (Bronze)
Score more than 400,000 poinrs in a Long Game.Lead Role (Gold)
Score more than 300,000 points in a Long Play Game with 2 or more players.Legendary Score (Bronze)
Score the most points in 5 consecutive Puzzle Blocks in a Party Play game with 4 players.Life of the Party (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Who Am I or Celebrity Ties question in one Puzzle Block.Method Acting (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Now Playing or Pictogram question in one Puzzle Block.Mise-en-Scene (Bronze)
Correctly answer every question in Final Cut.Multiple Exposure (Bronze)
Win a Short Play Game by less than 1000 points.No Margin For Error (Bronze)
Play Party Play through 50 questions.Party On! (Bronze)
Get 15 questions correct in a row in any game mode.Producer (Silver)
Play a 4-Player game.Quiz Quartet (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Movie Clip question in one Puzzle Block.Reviewing the Dallies (Bronze)
Play a Short Game.Short Film (Bronze)
Finish a game with 2 unused Star points.Shy Starlet (Bronze)
Win a Long Play Game by less than 1000 points.Skin of Your Teeth (Bronze)
Lose the lead 5 times in a single game.Slippery Slope (Bronze)
Answer 30 questions with the maximum amount of points.Sneak Preview (Silver)
Correctly answer every Strike a Match or Sequentials questions in one Puzzle Block.Soft Focus (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Pop Quiz or Hint Parade question in one Puzzle Block.Solloquist (Bronze)
Answer all questions correctly in a Long Play Game.Spotless Performance (Gold)
Score 100,000 points in a Long Game.Star (Bronze)
Score 100,000 points in a Short Game.Supporting Role (Bronze)
In a game with 2 or more players, earn more points than any other player in 4 different categories.Upper Echelon (Bronze)
Complete 15 games in Classic or Fast Fire.Video Store Clerk (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Distorted Reality or Visual Puzzler question in one Puzzle Block.Viewfinder Master (Bronze)
Correctly answer every Anagram or Pictogram question in one Puzzle Block.Working Title (Bronze)

Contributed By: Guard Master.