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Record of Agarest War 2


New Game+

After you beat the game you can use your platinum coins to unlock stuff to carry over in NG+.(87 Platinum coins needed)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
8 Platinum coinsImport accessories
9 Platinum coinsImport active skills
10 Platinum coinsImport armor
18 Platinum coinsImport items
6 Platinum coinsImport Skill books
12 Platinum coinsImport weapons
3 Platinum coinsKeep items added in shops
12 Platinum coinsKeep monster kill count
9 Platinum coinsKeep special counts killing a certain amount of enemies with a specific group

Contributed By: Valinxx.



There are 38 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 4 Gold, 9 Silver, 24 Bronze.

Defeated Summeril in the third generation.Agrajag
Reported the completion of a commission at the Hunter's Guild in Frensberge.Any Quest-ions?
Defeated 4 mid-bosses.At a Boss for Words
Reached 99 VIT!Been to Health and Back
Performed a conversion.Born Again
Defeated 8 mid-bosses.Bossed and Found
Had max affection with one of the heroines at the end of a generation.Casanova
Acquired all trophies.Collect ALL the Trophies!
Uploaded a score to the Score Rankings.Come At Me, Bro
Reached 99 INT!Coming of Mage
Went shopping 500 times.Consume! CONSUME!
Defeated 1,000 enemies.Corpse Party
[Event] Defeated the Garvel.Get Your Deem On
Completed all guild quests.Guildy Conscience
Dealt 100,000 points of damage at once.He's Dead, Jim
Chloe got married!Holy Matri-Chloe
Got an Ultimate Strike.How Striking
Collected more than 1,000,000 G.I Am the 1%
Collected over 10,000 TP.I Could Get Technical, but What's the Point?
Terminated True Chaos with extreme prejudice.Ian Malcom
Terminated True Mobius with extreme prejudice.Is it Mobi-I or Mobi-Us?
Finished 1000 battles.Kill-o-Battle
Cynthia got married!Living in Cynthia
[Event] Defeated Danaos.More Like DEADaos
Reached 99 AGI!Nice Guys Finish Fast
Got an Overkill.Operation Overkill
Defeated 12 mid-bosses.Paradise Bossed
Finished the first generation.Primus
Created a Marionette.Pulled Some Strings
Finished the second generation.Secundus
Sold 100 items.Shook the Invisible Hand
Finished the third generation.Tertius
Did 300 hits in one attack.The Hits Just Keep On Coming
Enhanced 100 times.To Sleep, Enhance to Dream...
[Event] Defeated Vanessa's demon.Vannessgeance!
Reached 99 DEX!View to a Skill
Reached 99 MND!Working in a Coal Mind
Reached 99 STR!You Strong Me Along

Contributed By: Similac.