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Table Top Racing: World Tour


Table Top Racing: World Tour

Purchase a Supercar$100 Bill Game?
Purchase your 1st car!A Rite Of Passage
Purchase all wheel upgradesA Wheel For All Occasions
Collect all the hidden Bronze coinsBronze Age
Win 20 Multiplayer RacesCrush Your Enemies!
Win all the original Cult Classics ChampionshipsCult Friction Baby!
Purchase all original Cult ClassicsCulture Club!
Win every original Championship event!Dominator!
Win gold trophies on all original championships.ERMAHGERD!!! Midas in da House!
Purchase your 1st wheel upgradeFancy Rims
Collect all the hidden Gold coinsGold Standard
Win every original Special Event!Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul!
Win all the original Supercars ChampionshipsGumball Awaits You Sir!
Hit all opponents with Centurion wheelsI'm Spartacus!
Use an EMP to block an incoming MissileINCOMING!
Complete your 1st Multiplayer raceIts The Taking Part That Counts
Fully upgrade all Cult ClassicsMuseum Standard
Win your 1st Championship event!Nailed it!
Fully upgrade all Street RacersOwners Club President
Spread some love in a race with a Peace BombPeace Be The Journey
Win all the original Street Racers ChampionshipsPedal To The Metal!
Fully upgrade a carPimped That Ride!
Fully upgrade all SupercarsProf. Of Pimpology!
Collect all the hidden Silver coinsSilver Spoon
Complete your 1st Special Event!So Very Special!
Purchase a Street RacerThe Fast and...
Purchase all original Street RacersThe Furious
Unlock all TrophiesTTR Legend!
Upgrade a carTuned Huh?
Purchase all original SupercarsWho are you? J. Leno?!
Win your 1st Multiplayer RaceWWW.INNING!!!

Contributed By: Phil1580.


Speed Boost at Start of Race

Before a race begins, watch for when the countdown from 3 begins. As soon as the number "1" appears, hold the X button to rev up. If done correctly, you will receive a speed boost to start off the race. Your boost may be upgraded if your timing is precise.

Contributed By: DBM11085.