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Mega Man Legacy Collection



There are 13 Trophies - 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 9 Bronze.

Escape the Skull Castle and complete Mega Man 4.A New Ambition!!
Complete the "ALL APPEARING BLOCKS" Challenge.All Appearing Blocks
Complete the "ALL ROBOT RUSH" Challenge.Bring Them All On!
Earn 1 bronze metal by completing a Challenge.Bronze x1
Earn 50 bronze metals by completing Challenges.Bronze x50
Earn 1 gold metal by completing a Challenge.Gold x1
Earn 50 gold metals by completing Challenges.Gold x50
Discover the truth about Proto Man and complete Mega Man 5.Proto Man's Trap
Stop Dr. Wily's plans and complete the original Mega Man.Rock and Roll
Earn 50 silver metals by completing Challenges.Silver x50
Turn Gamma to scrap metal and complete Mega Man 3.The End of Dr. Wily?!
Unmask Mr. X and complete Mega Man 6.The Greatest Battle Ever!
Take out the Alien and complete Mega Man 2.The Mystery of Dr. Wily

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.