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Bedlam: The Game by Christopher Brookmyre



There are 13 Trophies in this game - 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 10 Bronze.

Exit Star Fire...But You wouldn't Want To Live There
Get a Score of at least 3500 in Rescue Run1337 b0mb4D33r
Complete Rescue Run2-D or not 2-D?
Completed the secondary objectiveClipping Error?
Wish Granted in PlanetfireDing!
Complete The GameGG
Defeat Lanzok and free the captive marinesIs That Wheelie The Boss You Can Do?
Kill 5 opponents in the Arena without dyingKilling Spree
Bring down the Super SaucerShall I fetch a cloth?
Destroy the Armoured CarTank Busting Makes Me Feel Good
Complete Planetfire AscensionUp-Diddley-Up-Up
Destroy the Gaian Comms JammerWe're not Jammin'
Complete Rage-Quit Ractor without the Reactor explodingWinners Never (Rage)Quit

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.