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Yakuza Kiwami



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game once on any difficulty to unlock this mode.Legend Difficulty

Contributed By: Raeng.


Yakuza Kiwami Trophies

There are a total of 55 trophies that can be earned in this title.

Complete 10 substories10 Substories
Complete 30 substories30 Substories
Complete “Price of an F-cup”Aaah, you seem dangerous
Complete “The Man Who Wants to Die”Akimoto!
Defeat all rivals in the “Mesuking” gameBirth of the Insect King!
Clear Chapter 1Chapter 1 Clear
Clear Chapter 10Chapter 10 Clear
Clear Chapter 11Chapter 11 Clear
Clear Chapter 12Chapter 12 Clear
Clear Chapter 2Chapter 2 Clear
Clear Chapter 3Chapter 3 Clear
Clear Chapter 4Chapter 4 Clear
Clear Chapter 5Chapter 5 Clear
Clear Chapter 6Chapter 6 Clear
Clear Chapter 7Chapter 7 Clear
Clear Chapter 8Chapter 8 Clear
Clear Chapter 9Chapter 9 Clear
Succesfully collect the moneyCollection Success!
Play all the mini-gamesConqueror of Games
Clear 100% of the Achievement listConqueror of Kamurocho
Beat AmonDefeated Amon
Meet Policeman MajimaFreeze!
Get attacked by Majima from aboveFrom above!
Get attacked by Majima from a manholeFrom below!
A bat-wielding Majima shows up in a fightFull Swing!
Enjoy a heated moment with Hostess “Rina”Hostess Rina
Enjoy a heated moment with Hostess “Yui”Hostess Yui
Meet the Phantom Girl “Goromi”I’m Goromi!
Complete “The Duty of a Doctor”Kidney stone?
Walk 1km with Haruka while holding her hand in Premium Adventure modeKindness towards Haruka
Get chased by Majima for the first timeKiryu-chan!
Collect all TrophiesKiwami
Complete all the Komaki trainingKomaki-style Mastery!
Meet Zombie MajimaLet me take a bite!
A dancing Majima shows up in a fightLet’s dance!
An unarmed Majima shows up in a fightLet’s Fight!
Successfully invite a hostess outLet’s go out!
A knife-wielding Majima shows up in a fightLet’s have some fun!
Complete the game on EX-HARDMaster Fighter
Clear 50% of the Achievement ListMaster of Kamurocho
Get all upgrades for Spirit, Technique and BodyMaster of Spirit, Technique and Body
Get 10 upgrades in Spirit, Technique and/or Body from the abilities upgrade screenRegain your 10 years!
Win all Pocket Circuit tournamentsResurrection of the Circuit Dragon!
Play a game of Mahjong with a hostessSexy Pon
Reach Bond Rank BStill some way to go yet!
Complete “The Truth About the Fake Mizuki”Stop doing this kind of business
Complete all substoriesSubstory conquest
Clear the final chapterThanks from the Staff
Complete “My Girlfriend is a Showgirl”That’s a man!
Complete “Boxing Gambling”That’s not a wager match any more
Win in all tournaments in the underground arenaThe greatest fighter
Complete Ultimate Contest modeThe Man Who Conquered his Upper Limits
Attain EX Rank in Haruka’s Request gaugeThe One Who Conquered Ojisan
Fully upgrade all “Anywhere Majima” abilitiesThe rebirth of the Dragon of Dojima!
Complete “Yakuza Wife”Who killed him!?

Contributed By: NUNaruto and DuskNoble.