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Dying Light: The Following

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Square Enix News From E3 2019: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Marvel's Avengers,And More 06/01/19
Scream Sale Offers Great Deals On PC Games For Steam 11/01/18
Dying Light: Bad Blood Is A Unique Battle Royale That Dries Up Quickly 09/24/18
Dying Light's Battle Royale Mode, Bad Blood, Is Bloody Fun 08/22/18
Dying Light's Battle Royale-Style Mode, Bad Blood, Release Window Announced 08/22/18
E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Will Be A "Narrative Sandbox" Where Your Actions Shape Your Environment 06/12/18
Dying Light Takes A Cue From PUBG And Fortnite, Adds In New Battle Royale Mode 03/31/18
Dying Light's Battle Royale Mode - Bad Blood Gameplay 03/22/18
Some Destiny 2 Content Currently Locked Behind DLC Purchase - GS News Roundup 12/08/17
GS News Update: Dying Light Receives Free DLC On PC Today 07/26/17
Dying Light Receives Free DLC On PC Today; Here's What It Adds 07/26/17
Dying Light - Content Drop #0: Reinforcements Trailer 07/26/17
A Year's Worth Of Free DLC Coming To Dying Light 07/21/17
Dying Light - 10 DLCs Coming in 12 Months 07/21/17
Ex-Witcher 3, Hitman, Dying Light Devs Form New Studio 01/19/17
Dying Light - Zombiefest #2 Community Bounty 12/22/16
The Best Expansions of 2016 12/13/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 12/13/16
Former Witcher 3 Dev Moves to Dead Island Studio to Work on Open-World Fantasy Game 12/12/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed 11/01/16
Dying Light - Zombiefest Community Bounty #4 10/25/16
Steam's Free Weekend Game Revealed Alongside Steep Discounts 10/06/16
300-Plus DRM-Free Games Discounted in New PC Sale 09/26/16
Dying Light - Book Of Records Trailer 09/13/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed 09/13/16
Dying Light Developer Will Now Publish Games Too 06/02/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 05/24/16
Dying Light Dev Making New IP and Possibly Dying Light 2 - Report 05/19/16
Dying Light Community Event Wants You to Run Over Zombies 03/17/16
Dying Light and Rocket League Collaboration 03/11/16
Dying Light/Rocket League Crossover Announced 03/11/16
Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition: Community Map 4-Pack 03/04/16
Dying Light Free Maps and More Included in Latest Update 03/04/16
GS News Update: Dying Light's New Expansion Has a Neat Harry Potter Easter Egg 02/26/16
Dying Light's New Expansion Has a Neat Harry Potter Easter Egg 02/26/16
Ask the Reviewer - Dying Light: The Following DLC - The Lobby 02/24/16
The Lobby - Far Cry Primal, Dying Light: The Following, Plants Vs Zombies GW2 02/23/16
Quick Look: Dying Light: The Following 02/19/16
Dying Light Getting Even More DLC in 2016 02/18/16
Dying Light: The Following - The Ultimate Buggy Guide 02/13/16
Dying Light: The Following Review: 8 / 10 02/12/16
Dying Light: The Following Video Review 02/12/16
Dying Light Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day in New Video 02/12/16
Dying Light: The Following - Struck by a Bolt of Love 02/12/16
Pay $10 Million, Get Dying Light and a Role in a Movie That Might Not Exist 02/11/16
Dying Light: The Following - Thrilling Buggy Challenges! 02/10/16
Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition Launch Trailer 02/09/16
Dying Light - Be the Zombie: The Showdown Trailer 02/08/16
Unravel, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Assassin's Creed Chronicles - New Releases 02/07/16
Dying Light: The Following - Exploration Trailer 01/28/16
Dying Light DLC's New Area Is Twice as Big as the Original Game's 01/28/16
See Dying Light's New "Nightmare" Difficulty Mode in Action 01/26/16
Dying Light: The Following's Map Is Being Revealed in a Very Unique Way 01/20/16
Dying Light: The Following CO-OP Dune Buggy Racing 01/19/16
Dying Light: The Following First 20 Minutes of Gameplay 01/19/16
Road Rage and Crossbows Montage - Dying Light: The Following 01/19/16
Dying Light: The Following's Weaponised Buggy Ramps Up The Action 01/19/16
Dying Light Enhanced Edition Goes Gold, New Trailer Released 01/18/16
Dying Light: The Following - Weaponize Your Ride Trailer 01/14/16
Dying Light: The Following Trailer Shows Deadly Car Customisations 01/14/16
Mirror's Edge Prologue Has Been Recreated in Dying Light 01/08/16
Dying Light: The Following - A Prophecy Incarnated Story Trailer 01/07/16
Watch New Dying Light Expansion Trailer that Channels X-Files, Twin Peaks 01/07/16
Watch BioShock Creator Play Games, Help Raise Money for Mental Health Awareness 12/28/15
The Best Reviews of 2015 12/23/15
Dying Light - The Following Enhanced Edition Highlight 1 12/21/15
Dying Light's Free Enhanced Edition Update Lets You Keep Leveling Up 12/21/15
Game of the Year 2015 Countdown: #15 - #11 12/19/15
Dying Light: The Following - Story Teaser 12/16/15
Check Out Dying Light Expansion's Creepy Story Teaser Trailer 12/16/15
GS News - 77,000 Steam Accounts Hacked Monthly, Dying Light Joke DLC Becomes Reality! 12/10/15
Dying Light Getting Free DLC Based On Destiny Spoof 12/10/15
Dying Light's Expansion Was Inspired by Community Feedback 12/09/15
Top 10 Most Talked-About Games on Facebook Revealed 12/09/15
Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition - Gameplay Trailer 12/05/15
Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Announcement Trailer 12/05/15
Dying Light Getting Enhanced Edition; Upgrades Free for Existing Players 12/05/15
Why 2015 Is The Year Of The Grappling Hook - The Gist 11/30/15
Price Increase for Dying Light Expansion and DLC Pass Announced 11/25/15
Dying Light: The Following Release Date Narrowed Down to Early 2016 10/15/15
Dying Light - Silas Motors Reveal Trailer 09/29/15
Dying Light Dev Wants Your Input for Upcoming Expansion 09/24/15
Dying Light Is Still Poking Fun at Destiny's Red Bull-Exclusive Quest 09/08/15
After Six Months and 5 Million Sales, Dying Light Gets Co-Op Demo 08/26/15
Dying Light: The Following Gameplay Video Takes New Vehicles and Weapons for a Spin 08/25/15
Dying Light Studio Would "Love to" Develop Dead Island 2 08/17/15
Dying Light: The Following - Reveal Trailer 08/13/15
Dying Light Sells 5 Million Copies, Dev Teases Ambitious Sequel Plans 08/13/15
Crossbows and Dune Buggies in Dying Light: The Following DLC 08/13/15
New Dying Light DLC Trailer Shows Off "Deadliest Weapon Yet" 08/13/15
GS News - New World of Warcraft Expansion Coming; Windows 10 Is Out! 07/29/15
Story-Based Dying Light Expansion Revealed, Adds Vehicles and More 07/29/15
Dying Light - Future Content Reveal Trailer 07/23/15
Dying Light Dev Teases Vehicle DLC 07/23/15
Dying Light Dev Makes Fun of Destiny's Red Bull-Exclusive Quest 06/24/15
Dying Light Reaches 4.5 Million Users, Dev Teases Future Plans 06/01/15
New PS4/PS3/Vita Sale Focused on DLC Begins 05/19/15
7 Super Popular Games You Didn’t Know Were From Poland - The Gist 05/18/15
Dying Light - Bozak Horde DLC Teaser Trailer 05/15/15
Dying Light's New DLC Built for Co-Op Play, Coming Later This Month 05/14/15
Dying Light Map and Story-Making Tools Released 04/15/15
Dying Light's Insane Physics - April Fools Day Prank 04/01/15
Dying Light - Important Public Service Announcement 03/31/15
Dying Light Has a Special April Fools' Day Surprise Waiting for You 03/31/15
Battlefield Beats Bloodborne in UK Sales Charts 03/30/15
Dying Light Breaks Dead Island Records 03/19/15
Best-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in February Revealed 03/14/15
Best-Selling Game for February: Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 03/12/15
GameSpot Trivia: Name that Zombie Video Game 03/11/15
Dying Light Hard Mode Available Now 03/10/15
UK Games Chart: Dying Light Burns Bright 03/09/15
Dying Light's Hard Mode Arrives Next Week 03/04/15
UK Games Chart: Dying Light Overcomes Delay With First-Place Debut 03/02/15
$386,000 Dying Light Special Edition Announced 02/24/15
Dying Light - The Last Supply Drop 02/23/15
AU New Releases: Dragon Ball XenoVerse Ki Blasts on to Multiple Platforms 02/22/15
Gaming Trends That Need to Die in 2015 02/21/15
Dying Light PC Patch Lifts Mod Ban 02/16/15
Best-Selling Games for January Led by Dying Light, Advanced Warfare 02/12/15
GS News Update: PS4 is Best-Selling Console Once Again According to NPD 02/12/15
Dying Light Getting Hard Mode Soon, And It Sounds Brutal 02/11/15
Dying Light Easter Eggs - Zelda, Call of Juarez, Crazy Weapons and More 02/10/15
Dying Light - Night Hunter Evolved 02/10/15
Game of the Month January 2015 02/10/15
Game of the Month: January 2015 02/10/15
First Dying Light DLC Out Now, Adds Two "Hardcore Missions" 02/10/15
Craziest Dying Light Easter Eggs 02/06/15
Dying Light Dev Announces Plans For Official PC Mod Tools 02/06/15
Dying Light Has Mario, The Last of Us Easter Eggs 02/05/15
When Will Zombie Games Die? 02/04/15
Battlefield Hardline, What's the Best Zelda, Are Zombie Games Played Out? - The Lobby 02/03/15
GS News - Challenge The Pros Of Destiny; Mass Effect 4 News! 02/03/15
Dying Light Nets 1.2 Million Players in First Week 02/03/15
Dying Light PC Patch Blocks Fan Mods [UPDATED] 02/02/15
Dying Light Video Review 01/30/15
Dying Light Review: 7 / 10 01/30/15
Quick Look: Dying Light Co-Op 01/30/15
Dying Light - Your Guide To Killing Zombies 01/29/15
Dying Light's Destiny Loot Cave 01/28/15
Dying Light Review In Progress 01/28/15
Check Out Dying Light's Destiny-Style Loot Cave 01/28/15
PS4 Bundle With Dying Light and The Last of Us Discounted to $430 01/27/15
Dying Light Review in Progress 01/27/15
Dying Light, Witcher 3 & Grim Fandango with Tim Schafer - The Lobby 01/27/15
Quick Look: Dying Light 01/27/15
Where's Our Dying Light Review? 01/27/15
Tips and Tricks to Stay Alive in Dying Light 01/26/15
Dying Light - Now Playing 01/26/15
Dying Light - Release Trailer 01/26/15
Watch Dying Light's Launch Trailer 01/26/15
Dying Light, Grim Fandango, Life Is Strange - New Releases 01/25/15
Dying Light Zombie Mode Goes Free, But Big Delay for UK Release 01/23/15
Dying Light - Developers Play Co-Op 01/22/15
Dying Light Zombie Apocalypse In 2 Minutes 01/21/15
Be The Zombie - Let's Play Dying Light Multiplayer 01/19/15
Physical Copies of Dying Light Delayed in Europe and Other Territories 01/17/15
Shovelling Zombies - Let's Play Dying Light Co-Op 01/16/15
Dying Light - Parkour POV Live-Action Trailer 01/09/15
Live-Action Dying Light Parkour Video Shows What It's Like to Outrun Zombies 01/09/15
Watch 90 Minutes Of Dying Light Gameplay 01/08/15
The Drop Kick - Dying Light 12/18/14
Check Out This Interactive Dying Light Trailer 12/17/14
Dying Light - First Impressions 12/12/14
Dying Light PS4 Is 1080p/30fps 12/10/14
Dying Light - Intro Trailer 12/09/14
Dying Light - Story Trailer 12/05/14
Dying Light System Requirements Revealed 12/05/14
Dying Light DLC Pass Announced -- Here's Everything It Includes 12/03/14
GS News - Destiny DLC Raises Level Cap, Dying Light Drops Platforms, and Nintendo Profits. 10/29/14
Last-Gen Versions of Dying Light Canceled, Will Be Exclusive to PS4, Xbox One, and PC 10/28/14
Get 4 Copies of Dying Light for the Price of 3 10/21/14
Dying Light Has "50+ Hours" of Gameplay, Dev Says 10/03/14
Dying Light - Be the Zombie Trailer 10/01/14
Preorder Dying Light From Steam, Get Exclusive Multiplayer Mode "Be the Zombie" 09/20/14
Original Dead Island Developer Explains Why It's Making Dying Light Instead of Dead Island 2 09/13/14
Open-World Zombie Game, Dying Light, Launching Earlier Than Expected 09/11/14
Watch Dying Light's Dev Diary Detailing Its Impressive Freerunning 08/30/14
Dying Light - Developer Diary: Natural Movement 08/29/14
Dying Light - Hunt your Friends, Hunt Your Wife 08/16/14
Gamescom 2014: Dying Light Gameplay Trailer Shows Off 4-Player Co-Op 08/08/14
Gamescom 2014 - Dying Light Gameplay Trailer 08/08/14
E3 2014: Dying Light Stage Demo 06/12/14
E3 2014: Staying Alive in Dying Light 06/11/14
E3 2014: Dying Light Impressions 06/11/14
E3 2014: Dying Light Trailer 06/09/14
Here Are the 2014 Games That Have Been Delayed to 2015 06/06/14
Dying Light: Check Out This Bloody E3 Gameplay Trailer 06/04/14
Dying Light - E3 2014 Trailer 06/04/14
Open-world PS4 and Xbox One zombie mulcher Dying Light delayed to 2015 05/08/14
The Waiting Game - Dying Light 03/18/14
Dying Light - Humanity Trailer 02/11/14
Dead Island developer teases Dying Light Feb. 11 announcement 02/08/14
Dying Light: Night-time Gameplay Walkthrough 12/17/13
GS News - NSA spying on Xbox Live + WoW, Fallout 4 website is a hoax! 12/09/13
Dead Island dev's zombie game Dying Light runs in 1080p on PS4 12/07/13
Dying Light - Next-Gen Tech Demo 11/18/13
Dying Light - TGS 2013 Trailer 09/19/13
"Be the Zombie" mode for Dying Light revealed 08/29/13
Dying Light - I'm a Runner, Not a Fighter 08/27/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 53: Roguelikelike 08/20/13
Dying Light - Gameplay Walkthrough 08/16/13
Dying Light - E3 2013 Stage Demo 06/13/13
Dying Light Adds High Mobility to Survival Horror 06/12/13
Can Dying Light Freshen Up a Rotting Genre? 06/12/13
Dying Light - Good Night, Good Luck Trailer 06/07/13
Dead Island dev reveals next-gen open-world game Dying Light 05/23/13