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Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space



There are 15 Trophies - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 13 Bronze.

Found a secret solar systemA secret sign
Seen and done it allAmazing Discoverer
Cracked open an asteroid to get the good stuffAsteroid omelette
Found 50% of the discoveriesExperienced Explorer
Finished ODYSSEYHello Ithaca!
Finished VOYAGE without taking shortcutsIn need of a vacation
Started a fashion trendMass to the masses
Repaired a space probe and drained energy from itMechanic & Thief
Defended yourself using a M.A.D.Oddjob
Finished ODYSSEY in less than 20 game world minutes without using shortcutsOutta Time
Finished ENDEAVOURPeace of Mind
Finished VOYAGERelaxing times
Scanned a sun without taking damageSerious sun surfing
Discovered all life formsTake me to your leader
Finished ODYSSEY without taking shortcutsThe scenic route

Contributed By: OccultTech.