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Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

During a Rite, banish three adversaries with a single Aura Cast (Campaign)Banished One and All
Spend 1,000 Sol in the Slugmarket (Campaign)Big Spender
Check 50 different pages in the Book of Rites (Campaign)Book Worm
Prevail using Volfred, Ti'zo, and Oralech (Versus Mode)Classic Nightwings
Unlock every chapter in the Book of Rites (Campaign)Cover to Cover
Complete three Feats of Glory (Campaign)Crowd Pleaser
Prevail using Sandra, Tamitha, and Udmildhe (Versus Mode)Dames of the Downside
Prevail in a Rite at each of the Celestial Landmarks (Campaign)Downside Pilgrim
Prevail in a Rite against a Master-level CPU opponent (Versus Mode, default Talismans and Masteries)Enlightened
Prevail in a Rite against each of the other triumvirates (Campaign)Favored to Prevail
During a Rite, douse the adversary's Pyre by 40 health or more (Campaign)Fear Not the Flame
Complete a Rite against another mortal (Versus Mode)First Ceremony
Use Scribe Snuff to reset an exile's Masteries (Campaign)First Whiff
Prevail in a Rite in no more than three dousings (Campaign)Flame Quencher
Do Vocations 10 times (Campaign)Found Your Calling
Find an exile for each of the different masks (Campaign)Gather the Band
Earn all other available trophies in Pyre.Herald of the Scribes
Prevail in a Liberation Rite (Campaign)Home Free
Prevail at the Isle of Khaylmer using Ti'zo and Messenger Imp (Versus Mode)Home-field Heroes
Prevail in a Rite against a CPU opponent while you have less than 10 Pyre Health (Versus Mode with default Masteries, Talismans, Pyre Health)Lick of Flame
Prevail against a Master CPU opponent with six or more Titan Stars active (Versus Mode with default Masteries, Talismans, Pyre Health)Master Conductor
Achieve Rank 5 with any exile (Campaign)Master of the Rites
Suffer defeat in a Liberation Rite (Campaign)Mercy Shown
Complete a Practice Rite in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Mystic Training
Prevail in a Rite using Jodariel and Pamitha (Campaign)New Alliance
Liberate any three exiles from your party (Campaign)Returned to Glory
Complete two Scribe Trials in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Sandra's Disciple
Complete five Scribe Trials in the Beyonder Crystal (Campaign)Sandra's Favorite
While flying, bump into five different adversaries' wagons (Campaign)Scourge of the Skies
Prevail in a Rite with 12 Titan Stars active (Campaign)Scribes' Champion
Prevail in a Rite with three or more Titan Stars active (Campaign)Scribes' Chosen
Prevail in a Rite with six or more Titan Stars active (Campaign)Scribes' Guardian
While flying, interact with 10 different observation points (Campaign)Sky Explorer
Prevail using Rukey, Barker, and Dalbert (Versus Mode)Sons of Jomuer
Upgrade a Talisman to Rank 20 (Campaign)Star Duster
During a Rite, fling the Orb at an adversary, then banish them within two sec. (Campaign)Star Struck
Using the Stowaway, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Faithful Drifter
Using Jodariel, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Fallen Soldier
Using Rukey, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Fast Talker
Using Hedwyn, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Free Spirit
Using Pamitha, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Guilty Sister
Using Sir Gilman, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Honor Seeker
Using Ti'zo, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Little Watcher
Using Volfred, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Plan Maker
Begin your quest for freedom (Campaign)The Reader
Using Bertrude, deal 200 Pyre Damage (Campaign)The Serpent Queen
Use the White Lute to play a tune (Campaign)The White Lute
Complete a Rite against a CPU opponent (Versus Mode)The Will of the Scribes
Initiate 20 different conversations in the blackgwagon (Campaign)There For Them
Complete your quest for freedom (Campaign)True Freedom
Prevail in a Rite without your Pyre taking damage (Campaign)Untouched Flame

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.