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Shakedown Hawaii



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Acquire every building in the city.Business Mogul
Use scissors to chop off someone's man bun.Chopped A Man Bun
Use toilet water to extinguish a fire.Flushed Out!
Clear enough heat to earn a cop coin, then get inconspicuous.Get Inconspicuous!
Get a gold medal in every challenge.Golden Age
Complete every mission and sidequest.I'm Still Hungry
Jump over and clear another vehicle using nitro.Jalopy Gallop
"Borrow" someone's vehicle.Just Test Driving!
Acquire a property or business.Landlord
Upgrade a business with every multiplier.Maxed Out
Take down three days of delivery trucks.The Gerihat-trick
Shakedown every available business for protection money.The Namesake
Bounce off a trampoline and land on someone.Trampled
Knock someone into the water using a boat.Wet Landing

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.