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Horizon Chase Turbo



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Obtain 100% completion in India CupBollywood Star
Finish an Endurance raceBrave and Bold
Obtain 100% completion in California CupCalifornia Dreamer
Lose a race running out of fuelCall Roadside Assistance
Win a race without hitting anythingCan't Touch This
Obtain 100% completion in Chile CupCarménère Taster
Win a race after running out of fuelComeback
Accumulate 12000 pointsCompletionist
Obtain 100% completion in Australia CupCrocodile Hunter
Obtain 100% completion in Brazil CupDriver from Ipanema
Finish all Professional Tournaments with goldGetting Famous
Beat a ghostGhostbuster
Finish all Amateur Tournaments with goldGo-Kart Champion
Obtain 100% completion in Greece CupGod of Roads
Beat the World Tour with gold in all racesGolden Passport
Install all upgradesHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Unlock a CarI Need a Bigger Garage
Beat the World Tour with 100%King of the World
Reach 1st in 20 consecutive racesLiving Legend
Finish Endurance 109 with goldLook Mom, No Hands!
Run a total of 500 miles (800 km)Marathonist
Finish all Master Tournaments with goldMaster of the Racetrack
Finish Endurance 36 with goldNow Go Play Outside
Obtain 100% completion in the United Arab Emirates CupOil Tycoon
Obtain 100% completion in China CupOld Master
Obtain 100% completion in Japan CupOtaku
Obtain 100% completion in South Africa CupPathfinder
Install an upgradePump my Ride
Finish a Tournament raceQuickie
Beat the World TourRound the Globe
Unlock all trophiesSuper Super Trophy
Reach 230 mph (370 km/h)Supersonic
Finish Endurance 12 with goldSurvivor
Win a race with less than 0.1s of difference from the runner-upThat Was Close
Finish a World Tour raceThe First of Many
Obtain 100% completion in Iceland CupThe Iceman
Finish a race with every vehicle in the gameTransporter
Obtain 100% completion in Hawaii CupVolcano Surfer

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.