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Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Find all Perks.Achiever
Defeat The Shining Trapezohedron.Beacon of hope
Survive your first horde.Consecration
Corrupt seven Abilities.Embrace the corruption
Collect 500,000 Shards.Hoarder
Acquire every other trophy.Impress the gods
Defeat Legion & SalvationLea'yi'elih & Zael'va'tielih
Defeat Humanity.One with the void
Equip three Perks simultaneously.Perks are OP
Unlock all Abilities.Power Overwhelming
Defeat your first Miniboss.Purification
Destroy seven Elder Shards.Resist the madness
Collect 10,000 Shards.Scavenger
Destroy your first Elder Shard.Science Prevails
Equip your first Perk.Technology Upgrade
Corrupt your first Ability.True Believer
Unlock your first Ability.Valkyrie Gift
Defeat all Minibosses.Vanquisher
Defeat Hysteria.X'zea'shia
Defeat Dominion.Xea'sh'kaebt

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.