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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash


Alternate Ryobi and Daidouji characters

At the character select screen, highlight either Murakumo, Ryobi or Daidouji and press the OPTION button. Murakumo will wear her mask, Ryobi will be big-breasted and Daidouji will have her alternate hairstyle.

Contributed By: Campaign4Games and cheddarsword.


Unlockable characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Hanzo arc epi 4.Daidouji
Clear P-I finale epi 9.Hanabi
Clear P-I finale epi 13.Jasmine
Clear P-I finale epi 8.Kafuru
Clear School Cup in V-Road Challenge.Kagura
Clear Hanzo arc epi 7.Naraku
Clear P-I finale epi 7.Renka
Clear Hebijo arc epi 4.Rin
Clear P-I finale.Ryoki

Contributed By: Kelystic.


Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Trophies

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Trophies

Collected 1,000 total Skill Cards.Card Collector
Opened 25 Card Packs.Card Maniac
Opened 50 Card PacksCard Master
Collected 500 total Skill Cards.Card Pro
Collected 750 total Skill Cards.Card Professor
Collected 250 total Skill Cards.Card Scrub
Raised the Dual Handguns to MAX level.Dual-gun Diva
Raised 10 skills to MAX level.Extra Skilled
Played Touch Mode in the Dressing Room.Go Easy
Raised the Grenade Launcher to MAX level.Grenade Guru
Raised 5 characters to MAX level.Growing Strong
Raised the Handgun to MAX level.Handgun Honcho
Cleared the 2nd league in the V Road Challenge.Honey Cup Is Mine!
Played Water Gun Mode in the Dressing Room.Make it Rain
Obtained all trophies.MARVELOUS!
Raised the Minigun to MAX level.Minigun Master
Completed the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy Chapter.My Best Mate
Raised 1 character to MAX level.My Dearest Girl
Watched reactions for 5 characters in the Dressing Room.Not There!
Completed the Homura's Crimson Squad Chapter.Nothing There
Performed Ally Revival 10 times. *inc. MultiplayerNursing Degree
Completed the Final Splash Chapter.Over the Rainbow
Raised 5 pets to MAX level.Pet Breeder
Raised 3 pets to MAX level.Pet Lover
Raised 1 pet to MAX level.Pet Owner
Cleared the 3rd league in the V Road Challenge.Queen Cup Is Mine!
Watched reactions for 10 characters in the Dressing Room.Quit it!
Raised the Assault Rifle to MAX level.Rifle Ruler
Raised the Rocket Launcher to MAX level.Rocket Ranger
Defeated 100 playable opponents with melee attacks. *inc. MultiplayerRulebreaker!
Defeated 100 playable opponents with a pet. *inc. MultiplayerSay Hello to My Little Friend
Cleared the 1st league in the V Road Challenge.School Cup Is Mine!
Raised the Shotgun to MAX level.Shotgun Shogun
Raised the Shower Gun to MAX level.Shower Gun Shaman
Raised 5 skills to MAX level.Skilled
Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 50 times. *inc. MultiplayerSoaking Corporal
Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 10 times. *inc. MultiplayerSoaking Private
Achieved Soaking Power-Up State 100 times. *inc. MultiplayerSoaking Seargant
Raised the Spray Gun to MAX level.Spray Gun Specialist
Watched 3 Squirmy Finishes.Squirmy Maniac
Watched all Squirmy Finishes.Squirmy Master
Raised the Sniper Rifle to MAX level.Super Sniper
Defeated 100 playable opponents with skills. *inc. MultiplayerThese Aren't Ninja Arts
Raised 30 skills to MAX level.Too Skilled
Completed the Hanzo National Academy Chapter.Towards Graduation
Raised 10 characters to MAX level.Up and Ready
Cleared the 4th league in the V Road Challenge.Venus Cup Is Mine!
Defeated 100 playable opponents with the Water Gun. *inc. MultiplayerWater Guns Win
Cleared the tutorial.Welcome to Peach Beach Splash!
Completed the Gessen Girls' Academy Chapter.World, Meet Super Ninja

Contributed By: Kelystic.

Enemy/Boss Tips

Easy Final Boss

At the start of the fight, immediately head to and jump on one of the straw umbrellas. The boss will only stay focused on the CPU controlled allies and once they're KO'ed, it'll go to a certain spot and stop moving. You can then attack it at your leisure.

Contributed By: Raidramon0.