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Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Win a match scoring only 5 points goals.Aimbot
Win 10 ranked matches in a row.Damn, I'm good!
Score 50 goals with a Super Custom move.Dayum!
Complete Arcade mode in Medium difficulty (excluding infinite mode).Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Toss the disc 151 times.Gotta toss them all!
Win 50 ranked matches.Hail to the king, baby
Prove it : Score a goal with the Super Custom move of each character.I know Windjam'
Win 10 ranked matches.I'm starting to like this!
Score 100 goals throwing back the opponent to his own goal.It came in like a wrecking ball
Score 50 goals throwing back the opponent to his own goal.It must have hurt
Win a ranked match.Just a beginning
Obtain all trophies.Kingjammers
Complete the Arcade Mode with all characters (excluding infinite mode).Lore Master
Slide 10000 times.Marathonian
Score 25 goals with your first shot in a rally.No mercy
Block/Throw back 50 Super Custom moves.No pasarán
Score 50 times with a Super Spin move.Put a spin in it
Slide 1000 times.Running gag
Score 100 times with a Super Spin move.Spin to win
Achieve 5 consecutive Super Shots in total (you and your opponent).That escalated quickly
Complete Arcade mode in Hard difficulty (excluding infinite mode).That's a lot of coins...
Complete Arcade mode in Easy difficulty (excluding infinite mode).That's too easy!
Score 50 times with a lob (special or not).The sky is the limit
Score 100 times with a lob.The sun is the limit
Win 100 ranked matches.This... is... Sparta!
Toss the disc 50 times.Toss it like it's hot
Score 100 goals with a Super Custom move.Unbelievable!
Win 5 ranked matches in a row.Undefeated
Block/Throw back 100 Super Custom moves.You shall not score!

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.