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Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balanceA better world
You have chosen balance, but you miss some of your alliesA big step towards peace
Complete the game in extreme modeA passion for extreme
You have decided to save the Alliance from the Guard's coupA preserved Alliance
Craft 10 alchemical elementsAlchemist
You managed to unite all factions against ConstantinAll for one, one for all!
You have finally taken the path to Teer FradeeAll sails set!
Use 50 potionsAnother sip?
Succeed in all the challenges of the arenaArena Excellence
Craft 10 equipment improvementsArtisan
You have decided to abandon the old continent to its sad fateBack to the roots
You had to kill the friend who betrayed youBetrayal in blood
Have a good reputation with the nativesCarants
Pick 20 locksCat burglar
Kill 300 humansCoercive diplomacy
Collect ingredients 200 timesCuriosity cabinet
Do damage 200 times with trapsDeceitful
You entered the shrine and spoke to En on míl frichtimenEn on míl frichtimen
Unlock the 3 levels of a talentExpertise
Find and set all camp firesExplorer
Have a good reputation with the Bridge AllianceFavoured with the Bridge Alliance
Finish all companion questsFriendship above all
Allocate a new talent pointFull of talent
Empty 100 containersFull pockets
Be in a relationship with KurtGuardian of love
Hunt 20 animalsHunting with hounds
Unlock the 5 levels of an attributeIn search of perfection
Unlock a new skillIn the footsteps of the masters
You have decided to save Thélème from the Guard's coupIn the name of the Enlightened
Unlock all Technical skillsIncomparable technique
You have influenced the election to make your favourite become high-king.Influence game
You have favoured the old world at the expense of your rootsIsland for sale
Kill a Mountain GuardianKing of the peaks
Be in a relationship with AphraLove and botany
Be in a relationship with VascoLove and the sea
Unlock all Magic skillsMagical perfection
Kill a Wood GuardianMaster of the woods
Do damage 500 times with a melee weaponMelee virtuoso
Be in a relationship with SioraMinundhanem
You prevented the Coin Guard from attempting a coupMissed coup
Do damage 300 times with shotsMusketeer
You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside ConstantinNew gods
Allocate a new attribute pointOn the path to power
You have freed Constantin from the claws of VinbarrOutside the stone prison
Poison enemies 100 timesPoisoning artist
Complete 20 secondary questsServe to convince
Use your assassination skills 30 timesShadow blade
You have discovered Constantin's actionsSomething is rotten
Kill a Swamp GuardianSwamp creature
Unlock all the warrior skillsThe art of war
Kill a Plains GuardianThe legend of the plains
Kill 600 monstersThe monsters' nightmare
You have discovered the secret of the Congregation and your originsThe Prince's secrets
Kill a Beach GuardianThe wrecker
Have a good reputation with ThélèmeThélème's chosen
Earn all GreedFall trophiesTrophy Platinum
Do damage 500 times with an offensive spellWar mage
You have passed Glendan's testWaterproof
Acquire a legendary itemWorthy of legends

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.