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Outcast: Second Contact



Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Kill the Achondar.Achondar
Obtain all the trophiesAll trophies obtained!
A worker at one of the temples wants the Yods to clear away the debris.Area cleared!
Defeat at least 20 soldiers in Motazaar for Ashkar.Ashkar's request!
Destroy the boats in Shamazaar to weaken the soldiers!Boat Blast!
Help Zernar fix the boat light by providing a piece of helidium from Motazzar.Boat light fixed in Okasankaar
Use dynamite on a chest.Boom!
Talk to 25 important Talans.Build up your social network
Achieve the highest level of reputation by helping the Talans.Building a good reputation
Obtain over 300 rounds for your HK-P12.Can't wait to use this
Travel 10 times through Daokas.Daoka
Defeat more soldiers to convince Zot to stop paying taxes.Defeat soldiers for Zot
Kill the beast on the water behind the temple of KaDoesn't sound like a Gorgor!
Fill your backpack with over 250 rounds for your UZA-SH1.Feeding my UZA-SH1
Kill all the gamors in the Okaar arena.Gamor's Arena
Kill the gamors far to the east of the village.Gamors Defeated!
Obtain the Mon in Okasankaar.Got another one!
Find Shamaz Zeb and speak to him.Hey, Doc!
Find a Shamaz and convince him to heal Ilott.Ilott Healed
Complete the stealth tutorial in Ranzaar with Jan.Jan's stealth test!
Kill 25 Krakits.Krakits
Defeat at least 20 soldiers for Maar.Maar will be happy!
Defeat 250 soldiers.May the Yods be Silent!
Reach the region of Motazaar.Motazaar
Reach the region of Okaar.Okaar
Reach the region of Okasankaar.Okasankaar
Complete the organ puzzle in OkaarOrgan puzzle
Completed all four tests with Jan.Ready to leave Ranzaar!
Damage the rift bridge to slow the soldiers down.Rift Bridge Down!
Help Sadar fix his boat using a Zeedog plant.Sadar problem solved
Set Shamaz Keb free.Shamaz Keb Freed!
Find the Mon in Shamazaar.So, that's a Mon, is it?
Defeat 10 soldiers using dynamite.Supremacy!
Reach the region of Talanzaar.Talanzaar
Defeat 150 soldiers.The Yods will remember
Help Heza repair his well.Well, I can fix it!
Unlock the wheel to enter the Darosham!Wheel done!
Obtain the Mon in Okaar.Yet another one!
Deliver a Twon-ha to Zolass.Zolass's Twon-Ha
Destroy the company of soldiers located in Zorkatraz.Zorkatraz!

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.