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Metro Exodus

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Rockstar Releases Its Own PC Launcher With A Free Game - GS News Update 09/17/19
Metro Exec On Epic Games Store Exclusives: "We Should Welcome Epic And Their Business Model" 08/29/19
The Metro 2033 Movie Is Still Happening, But A Lot Has Changed 08/26/19
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Metro Exodus - The Two Colonels | First 30 Minutes 08/20/19
Metro Series Author Dmitry Glukhovsky Is Working On A Sequel To Metro Exodus 08/14/19
Last Day For PS4's Big Summer Sale With 400+ Game Deals 07/23/19
Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Details New Playable Characters 05/20/19
PS4 Flash Sale Discounts Division 2, Metro Exodus, And More (US) 04/19/19
Stolen Metro Exodus Steam Keys Deactivated, Game Removed From Owners' Libraries 04/01/19
Metro Exodus Patch Adds New Game Plus In Ranger Update 03/27/19
Even More PC Games Are Ditching Steam For The Epic Games Store - GS News Update 03/22/19
More PC Games Are Skipping Steam For Epic's Store 03/20/19
Anthem Sales Open Strong In The US, Second-Biggest BioWare Release Ever For First Month 03/19/19
Anthem Was PS4's Best-Selling Game On PSN In February 03/08/19
Metro Exodus Goes Off The Rails 02/26/19
Metro Exodus Characters You Need to Know 02/19/19
Top 10 UK Games Chart: Crackdown 3 Makes Slow Start In Debut Week 02/18/19
How To Make Metro Exodus The Most Hardcore FPS Ever 02/16/19
Metro Exodus Video Review 02/15/19
Metro Exodus - Official Launch Trailer 02/15/19
Metro Exodus First 90 Minutes Gameplay Live With Ben and Chastity 02/15/19
Metro Exodus Release Date & Buying Guide: Prices, Bonuses 02/14/19
Metro Exodus Review - Brand New Days: 8 / 10 02/13/19
Metro Exodus Quick Video Review 02/13/19
Metro Exodus: Review, Guides, Gameplay, And What To Know 02/12/19
Metro Exodus - Special Weapons Class Official Trailer 02/12/19
Top New Games Out On Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- February 10-16 02/12/19
Survival and Combat in Metro Exodus 02/11/19
Metro Exodus - Spartan Collector's Edition Unboxing 02/08/19
Game Release Dates Of February 2019: PS4, PC, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch 02/06/19
Metro Exodus - Official Shotgun Class Trailer 02/06/19
Metro Exodus - Artyom's Nightmare Official Story Trailer 02/05/19
Top New Games Out On PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Month -- February 2019 02/05/19
Metro Exodus Dev Addresses The Series' Future On PC - GS News Update 02/04/19
After Staffer's Warning, Metro Dev Addresses Series' Future On PC 02/04/19
The Mutant World of Metro Exodus 02/04/19
Metro Exodus - Uncovered Gameplay Trailer 01/31/19
Metro Exodus Leaving Steam For Epic Games Store Seems Controversial Even Inside THQ 01/30/19
Three Major February PC Games Are (Surprisingly) Not Releasing On Steam 01/28/19
Valve: Metro Exodus Leaving Steam For Epic Store Is "Unfair" 01/28/19
Metro Exodus PC Specs Outlined; One Of Which Is An Epic Account 01/25/19
Metro Exodus - Official Rifle Class Trailer 01/23/19
10 Reasons to Be Excited for Metro Exodus 01/22/19
Metro Exodus - Official Weapons Trailer 01/22/19
Metro Exodus - 30 Minutes of Caspian Desert Gameplay 01/18/19
Metro Exodus Takes The Series In A Risky New Direction 01/18/19
Metro Exodus Feels Best When It Sticks To Its Roots 01/17/19
New Metro Exodus Special Edition Is So Rare You Can't Buy It 01/09/19
Xbox One X Bundle Gets You Metro Exodus And The Rest Of The Series 01/08/19
Metro Exodus - Inside Look Trailer 01/08/19
Metro Exodus - Official Story Trailer 01/08/19
The Legacy of the Metro Universe 12/18/18
Metro Exodus Release Date Is A Week Earlier Now 12/13/18
Metro Exodus - Title Sequence 12/13/18
The Metro Series' Roots Come From Some Great Novels 11/19/18
Metro Exodus Spartan Collector's Edition Announced, Costs $235 With The Game 11/10/18
Metro Exodus - Collector's Edition Trailer 11/10/18
Metro Exodus Release Date, Bonuses, And Pre-Order Guide (US) 10/19/18
How Metro Exodus Expands Horizons Without Going Open World 09/06/18
Metro Exodus - Official Trailer | Gamescom 2018 08/20/18
Biggest Games Confirmed For 2019 | Get Hyped With This Montage 06/29/18
Metro Exodus Makes Strides Into A More Challenging Open World 06/20/18
E3 2018: Metro Exodus Release Date Set, Coming Early Next Year 06/14/18
Metro Exodus Extended Gameplay Demo | E3 2018 06/12/18
Metro Exodus Brings Big Changes To The Series - E3 2018 06/12/18
E3 2018: Sunday's Biggest News -- Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls 6, Halo 6, And More Revealed 06/10/18
E3 2018: Metro Exodus Xbox One Trailer Shows A Vicious Wasteland 06/10/18
Metro Exodus - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018 06/10/18
Metro Exodus Delayed, But New Gameplay Coming At E3 05/16/18
Metro Exodus Delayed For PS4, Xbox One, And PC - GameSpot Daily 05/16/18
Metro Exodus Delayed For PS4, Xbox One, PC - GS News Update 05/16/18
Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island Publisher Koch Media Acquired By THQ Nordic 02/16/18
GS News Update: Metro, Dead Island, Saints Row Publisher Koch Media Acquired By THQ Nordic 02/14/18
Metro Exodus Trailer Showcases A Frozen Wasteland Filled With Horrors 12/08/17
Metro: Exodus Game Awards 2017 Trailer 12/07/17
The State of Story Driven Shooters - Reboot Episode 9.5 07/09/17
How Metro: Last Light Continued the Legacy of Half-Life 2 - Reboot Episode 9 07/02/17
Assassin's Creed: Origins, Metro Exodus, And The Most Surprising Games Announced This Month 06/30/17
Is Metro Exodus An Open-World Game? - E3 2017 06/12/17
E3 2017: New Metro Game, Exodus, Confirmed For PS4/Xbox One/PC 06/11/17
E3 2017: Metro Exodus Announce Gameplay Trailer 06/11/17