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Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Teleport 1000 timesA Hop, Skip and a Jump
Complete the first laser minigameCross the Beams
Collect all of the DoomGuy DollsDollhouse
Telefrag into 25 demonsGib-a-licious
Complete all of the hacking minigamesHack-Man
Fully upgrade a single Combat Chassis subsystemMaster of One
Use an Argent CacheOverclocker
Shoot down 30 projectilesShot Blocked
Travel to HellSpicy
Complete the single player campaign on any difficultySpoiler-Proof
Acquire all weaponsSwiss Army Guy
Use a Weapon Upgrade StationWeapon Master
Complete the first levelWelcome to the Party
Put out the fires in the BFG central chamberWell Done
Telefrag into a Possessed Engineer and explodeWhat did you Expect?

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.