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Serial Cleaner



Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Hide while in view of an enemy five times during any single contract.…Now You Don't
Dispose of 150 bodiesBody Removal Service
Get killed by a Shooter for the first timeBOOM! Headshot!
Be pursued by an enemy for five secondsCatch Me If You Can
Play all Challenge modesChallenge Seeker
Play a contract wearing an unlockable costumeCleaner's New Threads
Complete all story contractsDone Cleaning
Find all secret itemsExpert Collector
Unlock all costumesFashion Freak
Be pursued by at least three enemies simultaneouslyHello Boys!
Check out any Challenge modeHere Comes A New Challenger!
Get at least four enemies to investigate a sound decoyHey, Listen!
Complete any daytime contract 20 timesI Can See Clearly Now
Fail a contract five times during a single playthroughI Will Survive
Make an enemy react to a missing item or body bag 100 timesMade You Look
Talk to Mom 15 timesMommy's Little Boy
Complete all movie-themed bonus contractsMoviegoer
Complete any night-time contract 20 timesNocturnal
Find your first secret itemNovice Collector
Escape capture five times in any single contractNow You See Me...
Use a shortcut to escape an enemy and then get caught by an enemy at the other sideOut of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
Unlock all Trophies in Serial Cleaner!Spotless
Clean 100% of blood in any contractSqueaky Clean
Clean 100% of blood in all story contractsStickler
Listen to the radio 15 timesTuned In
Watch TV 15 timesTV and Chill
Read a newspaper 15 timesWell Informed
Use Cleaner Vision for a total of at least 10 minutesWell Oriented
Slide on blood for a total of 45 seconds in any single contractWheeee!

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.