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Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight


Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (Trophy Translations)

These are my translations from Japanese for the trophy list for Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

Watched all dances that Futaba participated in.Alibaba Fanatic
Played back a replay.Although I’m a Phantom Thief, I Tried Dancing
Played the tutorialAn Elaborate Plan
Watched all Commu EventsBeyond the Dream
Used Play Custom (Combo continues even with GOOD) and (If combo is broken, then game over) both turned ON at the same time and clearedCarried by a Safety Net
The twin guards took part in the partyContinue Convict!
Obtained all trophiesDancing Star Night
Explored all your guy friends’ roomsEntered the Guy’s Rooms
Used Play Custom and changed the difficulty of the excitement gauge and cleared a song.Free of Bitterness and Sweetness
Obtained half the number of costumesGot About Half!
Started a dance with changed hair, 2 accessories, color contacts, and a color wig.I am Thou, Who are You?
Acquired 5 rewards while searching for the twins cardsI Received a Little Bit
Explored all your girl friends’ roomsI Will Receive Your Heart
Start a dance on ALL NIGHT mode with 10 or more “challenges” turned ON Impossible Strategy
Cleared a song with 5 or more “supports” and 5 or more “challenges” turned ONIndecisive Charge
Cleared a song on HARD mode or above with all “supports” ON at the same timeInfiltration Route Secured
Obtained all of the accessoriesLegendary Treasure House
Opened all Play CustomsLet’s Go Full-Tune
Changed costumes for the main dancer and danced with all Phantom Thieves except AkechiMaster of Disguise
Opened all (???) in CHARACTER’s COLLECTIONMountain of Treasure
Broke your own high schore.No One Can Stop Us
Obtained highest rank (KING CRAZY) on any song.One Step Toward the Great Phantom Thieves
Cleared more than half of the song with perfect notes on HARD difficulty or abovePerfect Crime
Acquired all rewards while searching for the twins cardsPhantom Thief Prince
Obtained all costumesPhantom Thieves Bloom Forth!
Obtained all glassesPhantom Thieves Essential Tools
Ended the stage during the middle of a song.Secure the Suspect!
Watched 40 or more Commu Fevers with your friendsStars in the Starnight
Searched inside one of the roomsStart Infiltration Mission
Obtained a costumeStarted the Club Life
Participated in a song with Morgana and HaruStrange Student and Teacher
Registered a costume under “favorites”Stylish Phantom Theives
Unlocked the highest difficulty level (ALL NIGHT)Taking it Seriously Now
: Obtained the irreplaceable treasure from a stageThe Best Reward
Participated in a song with Ryuji and Ann together.The Dragon and the Female Panther
Participated in a song with Yusuke and MakotoThe Eccentric and the Straight-laced
Obtained half of all the accessoriesThe Radiance of Spoils
Used Play Custom (trajectory of the notes shake) and (notes go slow and fast paced) both turned ON at the same time and clearedTrick Notes
Watched all dances that the P5 Protagonist (Amemiya Ren) participated in.Trickster’s New Book of Dismantling
Watched a Commu Event with one of your friendsUnchangeable Solidarity
Viewed 20 Commu EventsUnwavering Interest
Cleared a song in DANCING!Well, It’s Showtime.

Contributed By: NEKORODEO.