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Steins;Gate Elite



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Completed all endings.All Worldlines Complete
Saw all TIPS.Bible of Insight
Chapter 3 ClearButterfly Effect's Divergence
Offered tea by Faris.Cat's Tea Time
Chapter 4 ClearChaos Theory Homeostasis
Learned about Luka's relationship to his sister.Cruel Sister
Asked by Kurisu to buy cup noodles twice in a row.Discontinuous Qualia
Chapter 5 ClearDogma in Event Horizon
Chapter 9 ClearEndless Apoptosis
Chapter 10 ClearFinal Gambit of the Dawn
Chapter 8 ClearFractal Androgynous
Made friends with Kurisu via email.Genius Girl's Melancholy
Chapter 2 ClearInterpreter Rendezvous
Reached Suzuha's ending.Irreversible Reboot
Reached Faris's ending.Isolated Jamais Vu
Reached Luka's ending.Link of Corruption and Rebirth
Chapter 7 ClearMade in Complex
Chapter 6 ClearMetaphysics Necrosis
Reached Steins Gate.Open The Steins Gate
Reached Kurisu's ending.Paradox Meltdown
Learned why Mayuri started making costumes.Passions Best Forgotten
Prologue ClearPrologue of the Beginning and the End
Played through everything in STEINS;GATE ELITESkyclad Observer
Reached Mayuri's ending.Stardust Sky
Chapter 1 ClearTime Travel Paranoia
Received an unusual proposition from Suzuha.Warrior Girl's Pride

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.