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Shooty Fruity



Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

Unlock all Assault RiflesAll Out Assault
Get 25 kills with each hand in a missionAmbidextrous
Earn 7000 juice with Assault Rifles in a shiftAssault Rifle Expert
Kill 500 Fruit with Assault RiflesAssault Rifle Veteran
Unlock all RevolversBest in the West
Complete 15 Canteen trays in a rowCanteen Dream
Survive 30 minutes in the Canteen MarathonCanteen Master
Complete the first Canteen missionCanteen Trainee
Survive 30 minutes in the Checkout MarathonCheckout Master
Kill a fruit with a thrown CherryCherry Aid
Complete all ChallengesEmployee of the Year
Kill 500 Fruit with ExplosivesExplosive Veteran
Complete your first missionFirst Day on the Job
Kill 3 fruit with a single explosionFruit Smoothie
Throw a gun in the air and catch itGun Flinger
Grab a fruit and shoot it out of your handHold Up
Unlock all ExplosivesKa-BOOM
Purchase all WeaponsLock and Load
Kill multiple fruit with a single shotgun blast 10 timesMaximum Pulp
Kill fruit by shooting a grenadeMined your fruit
Survive 30 minutes in the Packing MarathonPacking Master
Complete the first Packing missionPacking Trainee
Shoot 200 fruit projectiles out of the airPip Blaster
Get 100% accuracy with a full Pistol magazine 10 times in a shiftPistol Expert
Unlock all PistolsPistol Paradise
Kill 500 Fruit with PistolsPistol Veteran
Kill 500 Fruit with RevolversRevolver Veteran
Kill 500 Fruit with ShotgunsShotgun Veteran
Get 10 kills with a single magazine of a Submachine GunSMG Expert
Unlock all Submachine GunsSMG Spree
Kill 500 Fruit with Submachine GunsSMG Veteran
Get 5 kills with any automatic weapon without letting go of the triggerSpray and Pray
Attach C4 to a fruit and detonate itSticky Syrup
Complete all other TrophiesSuper Mega Star
Correctly place 5 food packets in one tray sectionSuper Size
Unlock all ShotgunsThis is my Boom-stick!
Earn 1,000,000 juice (Cumulative)Total Fruitality
Kill fruit with every shell in the magazine of a ShotgunWaste not, want not

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.