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SoulCalibur VI


Unlock Inferno

Inferno can be unlocked by making it to the end of the main story, in Soul Chronicle mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach level 20 in the main storyInferno

Contributed By: LeeChaolan.

Unlockable Battle Music

You can unlock new BGM to use for other modes by playing through Soul Chronicle story mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear "The Chronicles of Souls 2" in the Soul Chronicle story modeDeadland Call
Clear "The Chronicles of Souls 14" in the Soul Chronicle story modeFortune Favors of the Brave
Clear "The Chronicles of Souls 16" in the Soul Chronicle story modeLineage of Destiny
Clear "The Chronicles of Souls 19" in the Soul Chronicle story modeThe Evil Flame

Contributed By: Devon28746.



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Reach level 50 in Libra of Soul.A Body Like Steel
Complete one character's story in Soul Chronicle. (Base-game characters only.)A Chosen Warrior
Fight 10 matches online with a character made in Character Creation.A Hero Is Born
Obtain all trophies.A New Story of Swords and Souls
Upgrade weapons 30 times in Libra of Soul.A Swordsmith's Best Friend
Complete 20 characters' stories in Soul Chronicle. (Base-game characters only.)A Transcendent Tale
Play a ranked match.All Journeys Start with a Single Step
Fight 50 battles online.An Unquenchable Thirst for Battle
Land three lethal hits with Astaroth using "Rending Torment." (Must be outside of Training mode.)Assault and Battery
Knock your opponent out of the ring 20 times. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Boundary Issues
Stop five guard impacts or reversal edges with a break attack. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Breaking the Ice
Break all your opponent's equipment five times. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Bull in a China Shop
Perform "Steed of the Night" with Grøh 10 times. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Chasing Shadows
Complete the main story of Soul Chronicle.Creating History
Land 20 critical edges. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Critically Acclaimed
Land 10 lethal hits. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Deadly Precision
Complete one secondary mission in Libra of Soul.Dive into the Fray
Obtain 50 weapons in Libra of Soul.Edge Master
Complete the mission "Death or Glory" in Libra of Soul.Entrusted with a Mission
Complete the main story of Libra of Soul with the scales tipped towards good.Farewell to a Bleak Winter
Travel a total distance equal to three trips around the Earth while exploring in Libra of Soul.Globetrotter
Unlock Legendary difficulty in Arcade mode.Glory Beckons
Complete the mission "Footsteps: Fortress of Illusion" in Libra of Soul.Interdimensional Warrior
Get a gold rating in Arcade mode.Keep Your Eye on the Gold
Raise the level of a town by one in Libra of Soul.Local Hero
Land 20 guard impacts. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Making an Impact
Defeat an Ancient in Libra of Soul.Master of Style by a Mile
Win 30 reversal edge clashes using A, B, or K. (Must be outside of Training mode.)May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me)
Eat some food in Libra of Soul.Never Fight on an Empty Stomach
Complete 10 secondary missions in Libra of Soul.No Misfortune Too Difficult
Win five ranked matches.No Sweeter Taste than Victory
Raise the level of four towns in Libra of Soul to their max.Pioneer of Prosperity
Upgrade a weapon in Libra of Soul.Power Hungry
Turn on standby and get matched with another player while in Training mode.Sharp Blade, Sharper Skills
Complete the mission "The Man in Black" in Libra of Soul.The Astral Fissures Beckon
Fight 30 battles online.The Battlefield Beckons
Complete Arcade mode for the first time.The First Step on the Path to Greatness
Complete 30 "Astral Fissure Sealing" missions in Libra of Soul.The Hunters Become the Hunted
Use Soul Points to unlock 10 entries in the Museum.The Memories of Those Who Came Before
Win five casual matches.The Only Way Is Up
Use a mercenary in Libra of Soul.The Power of Partnerships
Perform soul charge techniques 20 times. (Must be outside of Training mode.)The Power Within
Complete the mission "The Astral Fissure" in Libra of Soul.The Stirrings of a Soul
Complete the mission "On the Road" in Libra of Soul.The War for the World Begins
Complete 10 characters' stories in Soul Chronicle. (Base-game characters only.)Their Names Shall Live On
Obtain 100 weapons in Libra of Soul.True Edge Master
Complete the mission "The Journey's End" in Libra of Soul.Unleashing the True Sword
Achieve 15 perfect victories. (Must be outside of Training mode.)Untouchable
Complete the main story of Libra of Soul with the scales tipped towards evil.Warrior's Respite

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.