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Eternity: The Last Unicorn



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Complete the book of biographiesA poem by Bragi
Deliver Durin's hammerBack to work
Ring the bell in the Gullveig's towerCall of the Gods
Defeat Skogul for the first timeCollector of Souls
Collect all the trophiesFinal Fantasy
Get the light flask in Makala's templeFind the light
Forge 10 different itemsForge Master
Upgrade the elven sword at the maximumFrey's disciple
Collect 10.000 shardsFreya's tear
Defeat GullveigGo to Hel
Upgrade a character at the maximumIduna's apple
Defeat HelvitiJotun awakening
Beat the arena mode with a characterLion of Amra
Beat all the arenasLord of the Aesir
Upgrade the sword and shield at the maximumLothbrok's disciple
Defeat the Swamp TentacleMalboro?
Release Zenogb from the witch's dungeonMercenary
Talk to the Oracle in the Yggdrasil GardenPrimordial creature
Upgrade the Eir medallions at the maximumProlonged life
Purify all corrupted bodiesRebirth
Release the fairyRelease me
Defeat Skogul for the second timeServant of Odin
Defeat the Spider QueenSilent Death
Upgrade the skadian bow at the maximumSkadi's disciple
Get the Skadian BowSkadi's relic
Defeat ÚlfrstórrSon of Fenrir
Defeat Erick, The CorruptedThe fallen brother
Find the lord of the forestThe last guardian
Finish the gameThe last of the unicorns
Defeat the Old King WolfricThe Return of the King
Collect all scrolls of ElrosThe scholar
Collect all the chestsTreasure hunter
Upgrade the two-handed sword at the maximumTyr's disciple
Get the long jumpVingólf's gift
Release all bodies corrupted by the swordsWelcome to Valhalla

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.