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Warhammer: Chaosbane



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Be fully equipped with rare or heroic itemsA shining example
Finish Act IIA worthy adversary
Collect 100 FragmentsAll that glitters...
Be fully equippedBattle-ready
Reach level 50 with any characterBest of the best
Kill a boss in Boss Rush on at least "Chaos 2" difficultyBig game hunter
Use bloodlustBlood on your hands
Kill all bosses in Boss Rush on at least "Chaos 2" difficultyChaos hunting
Complete 50 side activitiesCompletionist
Complete your first set of equipmentCoordinated
Open 50 chestsCuriouser and curiouser
Kill 1,000 daemonsDaemon slayer
Complete 50 Relic HuntsDaily routine
Kill a JabberslytheDeath to all abominations
Collect 1,000 pieces of gearDeep pockets
Buy all rewards available on the God Skill TreeDivine emissary
Finish Act IDrenched in vomit, but victorious
Find your first heroic item (not a quest reward)Eyes on the prize
Trade 50 Fragments with the Collectors' GuildFair trade
Acquire 100,000 gold piecesFilthy rich
Finish the game as KonradFor the Empire!
Unlock your first reward from the God Skill TreeFor your work shall be rewarded...
Finish the PrologueGet your feet wet
Unlock all trophiesGod among insects
Kill an elite with a build made from at least 90 Skill PointsGood strategist
Reach level 25 with any characterHalf way there
Bless your first itemHallowed be the gear
Use a God SkillHand of God
Finish the game as all charactersHappily ever after...
Kill 1,000 UngorsHorror of horrors
Kill 1,000 cultistsIn the lap of the wrong Gods
Donate 100 items to the Collectors' GuildKind soul
Kill a boss on "Very hard" difficultyNo hard feelings
Complete a side activityOpportunist
Bless a heroic item 50 timesPossessed
Complete your first Relic HuntRelic hunter
Finish Act IIIResist temptation
Kill 100 championsScourge of Chaos
Finish the game as BragiStill no worthy adversary
Finish the game as ElontirThe beginning of redemption
Finish the game as ElessaThe forest can now breathe
Kill a MutalithThe urge to purge
Find 100 rare or heroic pieces of gearTreasure hunter
Kill a boss on "Chaos 5" difficultyVeni Vidi Vici

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.