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Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Defeat Mold-1Aggressive Growth
Defeat esseJAltered Manifestations May Occur
Construct a Weapon Form or ModAstral Construction
Defeat FormerAstral Phenomena
Complete 25 Board CountermeasuresAstral Tactician
Collect 120 CollectiblesBureau Archivist
Unlock all 3 Personal Mod slotsCareer Development
Obtain the Service WeaponChoose to be Chosen
Compel 10 enemies with the Seize AbilityCognitive Intruder
Complete 5 Bureau AlertsCrisis Management
Unlock all other trophiesDirector of the FBC
Complete Mission 3Directorial Override
Cleanse 25 Control PointsDiscerning the Pattern
Unlock 50% of the Ability UpgradesExpert Parautilitarian
Complete 15 Side MissionsFBC Crisis Solution Task Force
Complete Mission 8Finnish Tango
Complete 1 Bureau AlertFirst On the Scene
Defeat Mr. TomassiHead of Communications
Obtain the Shield AbilityInsular Telekinesis
Complete 10 Side MissionsInter-Departmental Cooperation
Killed 1000 HissInterdimensional Defender
Defeat the AnchorLiving Archetypes
Unlock 100% of the Ability UpgradesMaster Parautilitarian
Complete Mission 6My Brother's Keeper
Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3Non-Standard Issue
Complete Mission 4Old Boys' Club
Collect more than 100,000 SourceParanatural Collection
Obtain the Launch AbilityParanatural Powerhouse
Unlock 1 Ability Tree UpgradeParautilitarian
Complete Mission 9Polaris
Use Launch to throw a grenade or rocketProper Handling Procedures
Obtain the Compel AbilityPsychic Occupation
Collect 80 CollectiblesRecord Keeper
Obtain the Levitate AbilityRising Thought
Cleanse 10 Control PointsRitual Intuition
Cleanse 5 Control PointsRitualistic Thinking
Obtain the Evade AbilityShifting Positions
Collect 40 CollectiblesStrange Collection
Complete Mission 10Take Control
Complete Mission 7The Face of the Enemy
Complete 5 Side MissionsThe Importance of Synergy
Complete Mission 5Threshold
Complete Mission 2Unknown Caller
Kill 50 enemies with the Launch AbilityUnstable Matter
Kill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst AbilityVolatile Debris
Complete 5 Board CountermeasuresWar Games
Complete Mission 1Welcome to the Oldest House

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.