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The Occupation



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Startled Steve.Boo!
Attended Charles Bowman's meeting.Bowman
Complete a playthrough without getting spotted out-of-bounds.Cloak and Swagger
Answered all of Mina's phone calls.Collect Call
Collected all vinyls.Connoisseur
Collected all interview tapes.Detective
Attended Carla Burman's meeting.First Meeting
All Leads completed.Investigator
All Metacentre Leads completed.Journalist
Made a large contribution to Journalism.Pulitzer
Attended all meetings on time.Punctual
All Carson Offices' Leads completed.Reporter
Used the Silhouette server in the I.P.A.Silhouette
Annoyed Steve.Stick it, buddy!
Completed a playthrough of The Occupation.The Miller Report

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.