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Samurai Shodown


How to play DLC Characters

How to choose and play DLC Characters (to Story, Versus and Online Mode)

Press R1.Open the DLC Characters select screen.

Contributed By: didi3784.



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Perform a Blade Catch 10 times.All or Nothing
[TUTORIAL] Complete all lessons.Apt Student
[GALLERY] Unlock 17 pieces of artwork.Art Aficionado
[DOJO] Defeat your own ghost.At Peace with Oneself
[BATTLE] Win 5 successive victories in Survival Mode.Back from the Dead
Defeat 10 opponents using a Special Move.Backbreaker
Defeat an opponent while unarmed for an entire battle.Bag of Broken Bones
Use Rage Explosion 50 times.Blood Boiling
Knock down an opponent with a Stance Break 10 times.Bolt of Brilliance
[ONLINE] Play one Casual Match.Closing the Distance
Successfully use a Counter for the first time.Counterpoint
Defeat 10 opponents with heavy attacks.Cut Clean in Two
Win a round within 10 seconds of the start of battle.Decisive Finish
[GALLERY] Unlock 15 movies.Endless Riches
Defeat 10 opponents with Weapon Flipping Techniques.Flash of Steel
[DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 50 times.Flesh Eater
Fill the Rage Gauge 50 times.Furious Response
[BATTLE] Extend the timer by at least 150 seconds in Time Trial Mode.Gale of Fury
Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Super Special Move.Herculean Strength
Defeat an opponent for the first time using Lightning Blade.In a Flash
[STORY] Clear with 16 different characters.Indefatigable
[STORY] Clear with 12 different characters.Irresistible Force
[STORY] Clear without using a Continue.Is That All You've Got?
[DOJO] Receive your first ghost.Kagemusha
Use the same character 100 times.Match Made in Heaven
Obtain your first perfect victory.Me against the World
Successfully use Just Defense for the first time.Moment of Crisis
[STORY] Clear with any character.New Blood
[STORY] Clear after using a Continue.Not Even a Scratch
Perform 10 Just Defenses.Opportunistic Instincts
Defeat an opponent by only kicking for an entire battle.Over Before It Started
Defeat 10 opponents with Lightning Blade strikes.Perfectionist
Counter an opponent's attack 10 times.Predator Meets Prey
[STORY] Defeat the boss.Purifying Force
[DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 10 times.Rage Personified
Earn all trophies in the game.Samurai Shodown
[GALLERY] Unlock 25 movies.Seven Great Treasures
Defeat 10 opponents with Super Special Moves.Simple Serenity
[DOJO] Fight a ghost match.Stone-Cold Killer
[DOJO] Defeat a ghost character 100 times.The Demon
[ONLINE] Fight a Team Battle.Triumphant Teamwork
Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Weapon Flipping Technique.Up in the Air
[STORY] Clear with four different characters.Versatility
[ONLINE] Fight a Ranked Match.Warrior Pilgrim
[BATTLE] Finish Gauntlet Mode with any character.World's Greatest

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.