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Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!



There are 16 bronze trophies, 12 silver trophies, 5 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

Completed Chapter I.A Savior Alights
Collected all trophies.Beak Performance
Befriended a boss monster.Big Buddy
Acquired all jobs.Bird of All Trades
Fused an ALL brand.Branding the Elements
Befriended 20 monsters or characters.Buddies of a Feather
Collected one of every type of collar.Collar Collector
Completed all dungeons.Dungeon Master
Befriended all monsters and characters.Every Buddy!
Befriended 60 monsters or characters.Flock of the Town
Completed all Dungeons of Remembrance.Forget-We-Not
Raised Chocobo to Level 50.Halfway There!
Completed Chapter V.Heaven and Earth
Reached Floor 100 of the Insatiable Hunger dungeon.Into the Depths
Defeated Shinryu.King of Dragons
Completed Chapter IV.Light Among Shadow
Used every type of magicite.Magicite Maniac
Maxed out one job.Master of One
Reached Floor 500 of the Insatiable Hunger dungeon.Never-ending Journey
Completed Chapter II.Rekindled Memories
Maxed out all jobs.Renaissance Bird
Completed a dungeon with every job.Right Place, Right Job
Collected one of every type of saddle.Saddle Up!
Increased your gear's level to +99.Talent for Tempering
Collected one pair of every type of talons.Talon-ted Explorer
Defeated 10 monsters with a single attack by Chocobo.The Birdinator
Completed Chapter III.The Flow of Time
Defeated Omega.The Ultimate Weapon
Completed a dungeon with every type of monster as a buddy.Through Thick and Thin
Maxed out Chocobo's level.To the Max!
Collected one of every type of item.Treasure Hunter
Defeated 6 monsters with a single attack by Chocobo.Turning the Tide
Completed a 20-floor dungeon without triggering a trap.Watch Your Step!
Completed the tutorial.Welcome to the Town of Lostime!

Contributed By: Kelayr.