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Submersed Trophies (PS4)

Secret Trophies

Finish the prologue without picking up any objectsA Generous Man
Try to extract an eye from a living patientA Man of Principle
Finish the Chapter 04Awakenings
Finish the Chapter 06Back to the abyss
Die in the helicopter explosionBurning man
Finish the Chapter 01False Hopes
Unlock the post-credits scene saving your life in the final explosionI’m Still Alive
Finish the gameIn the Jaws
Finish the Chapter 07Ins and Outs
Finish the Chapter 09Just think about getting out
Finish the Chapter 08Pushing the limits
Finish the Chapter 05Searching for answers
Finish the game with your inventory and security box full of itemsThe Collector
Make your first lock pickThe doorkeeper
Try to save Martin after the accidentThe Good Samaritan
Get all the trophiesThe Last Survivor
Hit a shark 5 times with the electric weaponThe Shark Charmer
Finish the Chapter 03There´s something out there
Find the hidden room in chapter 02Treasure Hunter
Finish the game without any deadsUntouchable
Finish the Chapter 02Welcome to Hell
Finish the game without using any health itemWithout Help

Contributed By: Asadapi.