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Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland



There are 40 bronze trophies, 6 silver trophies, 3 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

Opened Atelier Lulua.A New Sign
Explored 100 percent of all Gathering Spots.Adventurous Girl
Reached maximum Alchemist Level.Alchemy Master
Acquired all trophies.Atelier Lulua
Viewed Aurel's ending.Aurel's Quest for True Strength
Synthesized all recipes.Beyond Admiration
Received help from Totori and Sterk.Blue Shadow and Black Steel
Viewed the normal ending.Busy Days
Defeated Celestial Emperor Adralda.Celestial Threat
Defeated the Ancient Dragon King.Eternal Regent
Solved the first riddle.Eureka Moment
Activated all Ultimate Attacks.Face My Ultimate Attack!
Conducted first synthesis.First Synthesis
Defeated Sky Ruler Edra.Freedom for the Skies
Fought a Sea Guardian.Guardian Battle
Observed the transfer of authority to Stia.Handing Over the Reins
Viewed the true ending.Her Choice
Synthesized a Herculean Symbol.Herculean Spirit
Defeated Wind Stone.Lulua's Answer
Received Rorona's recipe book.Mom's Cooking
Deciphered all chapters in the Alchemyriddle, including the Chapter of Blank Pages.Mystery Solved
Viewed Niko's ending.Niko and the Adventurers
Defeated GX3_FS2.Parallel Universe Saved
Had a party with everyone.Party Time
Viewed Piana's ending.Piana and the Alchemy Class
Defeated the Machina of God.Proof of Might
Witnessed the prayer for marine safety.Sea Hunt
Deciphered all hidden pages in the Alchemyriddle.Secret Recipes
Rorona and Sterk made up.Standing Together
Defeated GX3_FS.Stia's Rescue
Activated all Primal Arts.Strength in Friendship
Enjoyed a holiday with everyone.Summer Break
Learned that the book is named "Alchemyriddle."The Alchemyriddle
Met Wind Stone.The Caller of Storms
Rescued the children with Benon of the Black Steel.The Children and the Steel
Destroyed the magic crystal.The Devil Dances at Night
Made curry for the children of the orphanage.The Finest Curry for You
Met the mysterious magician and the militia captain.The Magician and the Captain
Reached maximum Battle Level.The Road to True Might
Defeated the Forgotten Ruler.The Truth of the Fallen
Met Lulua from another world.The Two Luluas
Made the ultimate sword for Aurel.The Ultimate Showdown
Viewed the curry ending.The Union of Alchemy and Curry
Viewed Rorona and Sterk's ending.Time to Depart
Left Arklys.To Arland!
Successfully synthesized an item with a quality of 500 or more.To New Heights
Viewed Eva's ending.Together with Eva
Viewed Ficus's ending.Traveling Magicians
Synthesized the mementos of Rorona, Totori, and Meruru.Unforgotten Alchemy
Dealt with a drunken Piana.Vow of Abstinence

Contributed By: Kelayr.