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Sairento VR



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Complete Chapter 6.Affordable Beauty
Find your first legendary relic.All That Sparkles...
Complete Chapter 10.Arachnorogues
Complete Chapter 10 in Shinobi difficulty.Arachnorogues (Shinobi)
Complete a mission for the first time.Back in Action
Complete Chapter 2.Clean Start
Complete Chapter 1.Coming of Age Day
Complete Chapter 9.Elysium
Take out your first enemy.First Blood
Complete Chapter 5.God In The Shell
Complete the tutorial.I Know Fung Fu
Complete Chapter 4.Meatspace Relic
Reach prestige 2.Nidan
Kill an Enemy while jumping.Power Jump
Kill an enemy while sliding.Power Slide
Reach Level 10.Rookie Ninja
Reach Level 50.Sairento
Complete Chapter 3.Screen Falls
Complete Chapter 3 in Shinobi difficulty.Screen Falls (Shinobi)
Complete Chapter 8.Screen Lift
Complete Chapter 7.Steel Veins
Complete Chapter 7 in Shinobi difficulty.Steel Veins (Shinobi)
You are a true Sairento.True Sairento
Complete a mission without being hit.Untouchable
Perform a wall run for the first time.Wall Runner

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.