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The Alliance Alive HD Remastered



Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

Acquire all trophiesAlliance Alive
Learn all Battle ArtsBattle Arts Meister
Defeat 1000 enemies in battleBattle Master
Gather 100 Chaosium GemsChaosium Gem Collector
Defeat all big symbol monstersDestroy All Monsters!
Assemble 9 main charactersEveryone gather round!
Assemble all 12 charactersEveryone REALLY gather round!
Rescue everyone at Hakurei CastleEveryone Safe and Sound
Defeat 500 enemies in battleGetting Stronger…
Obtain the Ark and gain the ability to travel freelyGo Forth!
Reach top rank with any of the guildsGuildmaster
Defeated Kuwalsa within 20 hoursHard-working Player
Obtain all mapsMap Master
Unlock Music modeMaster Pendragon
Obtain 500,000 SoMillionaire Monarch
Defeat a big symbol monster for the first timeMy First Big Monster Hunt
Build your first Guild TowerMy First Guild Tower
Defeat 100 enemies in battleNot a Novice Anymore!
Gather 50 Order GemsOrder Gem Collector
Open all portalsPortal Master
Scout 100 recruitsRecruit Director
Scout 50 recruitsRecruit Manager
Scout all recruitsRecruit President
View every endingSee All Endings
View the sub ending with Grossa's defeatSee Sub Ending 1
View the sub ending where you lose to KuwalsaSee Sub Ending 2
View the normal endingSee the Ending
Learn all SigilsSigil Meister
Learn all Sorcery spellsSorcery Meister
Defeated Kuwalsa within 15 hoursSpeedy Player
Defeated Kuwalsa within 10 hoursSuper Speedy Player
Acquire 10,000 talent ptsTalent Tyrant
Make the Ark able to flyThe Flying Ark
Give the password to the Black MarketThe Password is…
Seal all the Water Devil DensWater Devil Wipeout

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.