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Darkwood Trophies

Go to bed in the Epilogue.Bliss
Burn the Being in the Epilogue.Burn them all
Make it to Chapter 2.Chapter 2
Survive Wolf's ambush.Entertainer
Make it through the Prologue.Finished prologue
Eat the Mushroom Granny.Insatiable hunger
Kill the Mutated Pig inside the pigsheds.Kill the pig...
Complete Chapter 2 without burning the Talking Tree.Merciful
Give the key to the Musician.Musician's path
Kill the Black Chomper while dreaming.No sleep for the wicked
Burn the Talking Tree.Only ashes remain
Go to sleep in the grave while dreaming.Sleep in the grave
In the swamp, trap the villagers in the quarry with the giant boulder.Trapped villagers
Do not succumb to the Doctor's trap.Willpower
Give the key to Wolf.Wolf's path

Contributed By: Foppe.