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Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs 3 Reportedly Leaked, Features London And Multiple Characters - GS News Update 06/04/19
Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Confirmed During Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference 06/03/19
Is Pre-Ordering Games A Good Idea? - Steam Punks 09/05/18
Three Free PC Games Available From Ubisoft Right Now 12/22/17
Watch Dogs Is Free Right Now On PC, Here's How To Get It 11/06/17
Free Xbox One/360 Games With Gold For June 2017 Revealed 05/24/17
Free Xbox One/360 Games With Gold For June 2017 (And A Bonus) Revealed 05/23/17
The Best Xbox One Games 05/10/17
Hacking in Video Games 02/08/17
Top 20 Best-Selling PS4 Games On PSN For January 2017 Revealed 02/07/17
Watch Dogs 2's First DLC Pack Out Now on PS4 12/20/16
Get an Xbox One S With $30 Gift Card and Free Bonus Game for $250 12/19/16
Buy an Xbox One S, Get an Extra Controller and Free Game Right Now 12/05/16
Xbox One Deal Gets You a Free Game and $50 Gift Code With Select Bundles 10/17/16
The Best PS4 Games 08/24/16
Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Begins Today, Includes 250-Plus Deals 07/05/16
Watch Dogs 2 - Hello World Trailer 06/06/16
Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Site Goes Live, Reveal Set for This Week 06/06/16
GS News - Watch Dogs 2 Will Be At E3; Vivendi Angling For Ubisoft Takeover?! 06/02/16
What We Hope Gets Announced at E3 - The Lobby 06/02/16
Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed for E3 2016 Reveal 06/02/16
Watch Dogs 2 Shows Up Online Before E3 2016 06/01/16
Get a 1TB Xbox One With 5 Games and Extra Controller for $320 05/31/16
GS News - Watch Dogs 2 Tidbits Shared by Ubisoft, Ex-Lionhead Dev Talks Fable 4! 05/12/16
GS News Update: Watch Dogs 2 Has a "New Tone," Expected to Be Big Seller 05/12/16
Watch Dogs 2 Has a "New Tone," Expected to Be Big Seller 05/12/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 05/10/16
GS News - Dishonored 2 Release Date Announced; Dawn of War 3 Coming! 05/03/16
Watch Dogs 2's Main Character Could Be This Guy 05/03/16
GS News - More PlayStation 4.5 Reports Surface; PS VR Could Run On PC! 03/28/16
Lots of Ubisoft PC Games Discounted in New Steam Sale 03/25/16
GS News Top 5 - Watch Dogs 2 and Destiny 2 Arriving; Call of Duty 2016 Announced! 02/12/16
GS News - Watch Dogs 2 Coming Next Year; Quantum Break Gets PC Release! 02/11/16
GS News Update: Watch Dogs 2 Will Launch Before April 2017 02/11/16
Watch Dogs 2 Will Launch Before April 2017 02/11/16
GTA 5, Dragon Age, and More Discounted in PlayStation Essentials Sale 01/12/16
GTA 5 Mod Brings Watch Dogs-Inspired Hacking to Los Santos 01/10/16
Reality Check - The Problem With PC Ports 07/10/15
Watch Dogs Downgrade Backlash Changed Ubisoft's Approach to Showing Games, Says CEO 07/06/15
Watch Dogs 2 Spotted on Ubisoft Employee's Resume 04/30/15
Watch Dogs Beats Grand Theft Auto 5 in Australian 2014 Sales - NPD 03/03/15
Watch Dogs 2 Must Take Risks, Says Creative Director 01/16/15
The Most Disappointing Games of 2014 In 2 Minutes 12/17/14
Watch Dogs Wii U Looks Like This 11/18/14
GS News: Destiny Gets a Huge Patch, Goat Simulator Gets a Bigger One 11/17/14
Watch Dogs Releases on Wii U This Week, With Some DLC Added 11/17/14
Watch Dog Ships 9 Million Copies, Helping Ubisoft Sales Rise Sharply 10/30/14
Watch Dogs for $20, Assassin's Creed IV for $18, and More in GameFly Sale 10/18/14
$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison 10/17/14
$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison 10/17/14
Watch Dogs: Bad Blood Review: 8 / 10 09/26/14
Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC - RC Car - Gameplay 09/25/14
Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC - Sniping Mission - Gameplay 09/25/14
Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Probably Not Coming to Wii U 09/24/14
The Gist - Are Game Delays Good Or Bad For Gamers? 09/24/14
Watch Dogs - Bad Blood Launch Trailer 09/24/14
Watch Dogs' Mixed Reception Was Similar to Original Assassin's Creed's, Ubisoft Says 09/22/14
Reality Check - Best and Worst Hacking In Games 09/20/14
Watch Dogs: Bad Blood - Preview 09/15/14
Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date Confirmed for November 09/10/14
Borderlands, Watch Dogs Discounted in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals 09/09/14
Watch Dogs - Bad Blood Teaser 09/03/14
Watch Dogs Single-Player DLC Announced, Coming This Month 09/03/14
Watch GTA 4 Transform Into Watch Dogs in This Amazing Mod 08/31/14
Watch Dogs Patch Responds to Community Feedback 08/23/14
Watch Dogs Headed to New Jersey? 07/31/14
Watch Dogs Fan Mod That Improves Graphics Gets Final Release 07/23/14
GS News Update: Xbox One Sales Double This Month But PS4 is Still the Top Seller 07/18/14
Mario Kart 8 Was Best-Selling SKU in US for June, Watch Dogs Best-Selling Overall 07/17/14
Get a PS4 + Watch Dogs for $410 at GameStop 07/14/14
PS4 Made Up Largest Part of Ubisoft Game Sales During the Last 3 Months, Doubles Xbox One and PC Sales 07/14/14
GS News - Sony Sells 100m consoles; Kim Kardashian Game Making $200m?! 07/10/14
2014 Razer Blade Review - Gametech 07/10/14
Watch Dogs Ships 8 Million Units, Helping Ubisoft Sales Rise a Massive 374% 07/10/14
Ubisoft Says Its Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry Movies Won't Be Terrible 07/10/14
The Gist - 4 Games You Should Finally Complete This Month 07/09/14
Best-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in June Revealed 07/09/14
Watch Dogs Opens Strong in Japan, Sells More Than 94,000 Copies 07/06/14
Watch Dogs DLC Walkthrough - Breakthrough Contract 07/03/14
Watch Dogs Bolstered With New Missions and Weapons DLC Today 07/01/14
Ubisoft Makes Some Welcome Changes to Watch Dogs Multiplayer Scoring 06/27/14
Analog - 3 Games to Hack after Watch Dogs 06/23/14
Watch Dogs Mod Adds Dynamic Shadows From Headlights, Bloom, and Other Improvements 06/20/14
Watch Dogs E3 2012 Lighting Mod - Graphics Comparison 06/19/14
GS News - Ubisoft Believes in Wii U’s Success; Watch Dogs Gets Patched 06/19/14
Ubisoft Making More Open-World Games Because "Gamers Want More Freedom" 06/19/14
Watch Dogs to get Stability and Performance Improvements in New Official Patch 06/18/14
Ubisoft: Wii U Could Shine at the "Right Price" 06/18/14
Top 10 Game Sales According to NPD May 2014, Watch Dogs on Top 06/16/14
E3 2014: Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs Is a Franchise -- "Now We Figure Out What To Do Next" 06/10/14
E3 2014: Watch Dogs Wii U Trailer 06/10/14
E3 2014: Ubisoft Waiting for Better Wii U Sales to Launch Some New Games 06/09/14
May's Best-Selling PSN Games Announced -- Was Watch Dogs on Top? 06/06/14
How Well Does Watch Dogs Run on Low-Cost Gaming PCs? 06/05/14
See our Game of the Month winner for May 2014 06/05/14
Low-cost Intel Gaming PC - Watch Dogs Update 06/04/14
Low-cost AMD PC - Watch Dogs Update 06/04/14
Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Investigating Loading Bug 06/04/14
Watch Dogs Easter Egg Recalls Xbox One Kinect Privacy Concerns 06/03/14
Watch Dogs Includes Cameo Easter Egg From Assassin's Creed 4 06/03/14
Watch Dogs Sells 4 Million Copies in First Week, Needs 2 Million More to Match Assassin's Creed's Lifetime Tally 06/03/14
GS News Update: Mario Kart 8 increases Wii U sales by 600% in UK 06/02/14
Watch Dogs - The Shaun Method 06/02/14
Watch Dogs Goes to Bollywood 06/01/14
Decryption Mode Mayhem Multiplayer Starter - Watch Dogs 05/31/14
Watch Dogs Easter Egg Features Gangsta-Rapping Trout 05/30/14
Watch Dogs PC Patch On the Way as Nvidia and AMD Quarrel 05/30/14
Gangster Rapping Salmon - Watch Dogs 05/30/14
The Point - Why Watch Dogs' World Doesn't Feel Real 05/30/14
Glenn Beck Criticizes Watch Dogs for Promoting Hacking -- "What the Heck is Wrong with Us?" 05/30/14
Reality Check - Could Watch Dogs Be Real? 05/29/14
Watch Dogs - Graphics Comparison 05/29/14
Uplay Services on Xbox Live Struggling with Watch Dogs, Other Ubisoft Games 05/29/14
Watch Dogs Game Guide: ctOS Tower Walkthrough 05/28/14
Watch Dogs - ctOS Towers Guide 05/28/14
Watch Dogs - Now Playing (Multiplayer) 05/28/14
Watch Dogs Becomes Fastest Selling Game in Ubisoft's History 05/28/14
The Gist - 4 Ways Watch Dogs Can Win Over Assassin's Creed Haters 05/28/14
Should you buy Watch Dogs? - The Lobby 05/28/14
Watch Dogs PR stunt goes wrong, bomb squad called in 05/28/14
Mario Kart 8, Bounden, Watch Dogs - The Lobby 05/27/14
Watch Dogs - How to Launch Cars! 05/27/14
Watch Dogs suffering from login issues and more on launch day 05/27/14
Watch Dogs Review Roundup 05/27/14
Watch Dogs companion app out now and you don't even need to own the game 05/27/14
Quick Look: Watch Dogs 05/27/14
Watch Dogs - Video Review 05/27/14
Watch Dogs Review: 8 / 10 05/27/14
Watch Dogs map takes seven minutes to drive through from end to end 05/26/14
AU New Releases: Watch Dogs launches for multiple platforms 05/25/14
Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8 - New Releases 05/25/14
Watch Dogs is most preordered next-gen game in GameStop's history 05/23/14
World's first Watch Dogs "review" comes from Conan O'Brien 05/23/14
Watch Dogs (PS4) - Now Playing 05/22/14
Watch Dogs - Launch Trailer 05/22/14
GS News Top 5 - $399 Xbox One; Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4 Details! 05/16/14
Watch Dogs - Amazing Street Hack 05/16/14
Ubisoft punks people with elaborate Watch Dogs street hack 05/16/14
Watch Dogs has power to become "longstanding brand" 05/16/14
GS News - Far Cry 4 Announced; Watch Dogs Most Successful New IP Ever? 05/15/14
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs on pace to become the most successful new IP in video game history 05/15/14
GS News - PS4 Watch Dogs isn’t 1080p, Microsoft explains Xbox One sales 05/14/14
Watch Dogs goes gold, on track for release later this month 05/14/14
GS News Update: Watch Dogs runs at 900p on PS4, 792p on Xbox One 05/13/14
Watch Dogs runs at 900p on PS4, 792p on Xbox One 05/13/14
Watch Dogs - 101 Trailer 05/13/14
Watch Dogs PS4 may not end up running at 1080p and 60fps 05/12/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Is 1080p/60fps on PS4; EA drops multiplayer games! 05/12/14
Watch Dogs PS4 will run at 1080p and 60fps, says Sony 05/12/14
Watch Dogs - Character Trailer 05/08/14
Buy games from Amazon? You can now add them to your cart using Twitter 05/05/14
Game One Out - The Best Shooters for Busy Gamers 05/04/14
Watch Dogs Xbox One file size is 20.42GB, achievement list appears 05/02/14
Ubisoft now "fully focused" on Watch Dogs for Wii U 05/01/14
Ubisoft on Watch Dogs delay -- "We had no choice" 05/01/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Gets Cyborgs; Is Xbox One Still Game-Centric? 04/29/14
GS News Update: Watch Dogs DLC includes new playable character, Season Pass available 04/29/14
Watch Dogs - Season Pass Trailer 04/29/14
Watch Dogs PC free with select Nvidia cards 04/29/14
Here's everything you get in the $19.99 Watch Dogs season pass, including cyborgs 04/29/14
Watch Dogs - Ask GameSpot 04/29/14
Watch Dogs dev explains how its multiplayer mode is really a "seamless online" experience 04/27/14
Ubisoft: "Right now there is no such thing as a Watch Dogs 2" 04/24/14
Watch Dogs multiplayer explained in 9-minute developer walkthrough video 04/23/14
Watch Dogs - 9 Minute Multiplayer Gameplay Demo 04/23/14
Watch Dogs: What Can You Do Besides Hacking? 04/23/14
Watch Dogs gets real-world clothing line 04/23/14
Watch Dogs sequel eBook picks up where the game ends 04/19/14
GS News Top 5 - PlayStation 4 sells more consoles than Xbox One + The Next Civilization Is In Space! 04/18/14
The Point - Watch Dogs & Misleading Game Trailers 04/18/14
The Division dev says Watch Dogs delay sent an "important message" 04/15/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Ultra Specs + New Mass Effect On PS4/Xbox One? 04/14/14
Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft announces when it will hold its annual E3 presentation 04/14/14
Watch Dogs PC "ultra" specifications revealed 04/13/14
Watch Dogs doesn't have cheat codes 04/13/14
Watch Dogs gets its own apparel and accessories collection 04/12/14
GS News Top 5 - 5-Year-Old Hacks Xbox One + The Last of Us Remastered! 04/11/14
Report: Watch Dogs coming to Wii U in fall 2014 04/11/14
GS News Update - New Watch Dogs PC trailer shows off the open-world game at its best 04/11/14
You can pre-order Watch Dogs for 59% off on Origin 04/10/14
GS News - Watch Dogs PC Graphics Reveal + New Zombie MMO from Sony! 04/10/14
Watch Dogs - Nvidia Technologies Trailer 04/10/14
New Watch Dogs PC trailer shows off the open-world game at its best 04/10/14
Report: Watch Dogs targeting 1080p on PS4, but what about Xbox One? 04/10/14
Watch Dogs season pass listed by GameStop, contains new playable character 04/09/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Gets Uplay, Who thinks the Kinect is a "Joke"? 04/08/14
Alongside its hefty system specs, Watch Dogs on PC will require Uplay 04/08/14
Watch Dogs now available to preorder on Steam, recommended system requirements revealed 04/05/14
Watch Dogs and the Terrifying Power of Smartphones 04/04/14
GS News - The Best and Worst April Fools Jokes, Watch Dogs Not 1080p? 04/01/14
Ubisoft won't say if Watch Dogs runs in 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One 04/01/14
GS News Update - Latest Watch Dogs trailer used PS4 dev kit footage 03/31/14
Ubisoft not abandoning Xbox 360 and PS3 anytime soon 03/31/14
No Watch Dogs demo because "demos take time" 03/31/14
Latest Watch Dogs trailer used PS4 dev kit footage 03/30/14
Ubisoft: We'd be stupid not to release Assassin's Creed every year 03/29/14
GS News Top 5 - New Assassin’s Creed + PS4 Memory Power Detailed! 03/28/14
Watch Dogs - Welcome to Chicago Trailer 03/27/14
GS News Update - PS4 getting over 100 games in 2014 03/27/14
GS News - PS4 So Powerful It Gave Watch Dogs Dev A "Chance To Dream" 03/24/14
GS News Update - Watch Dogs devs praise PS4 technical prowess 03/24/14
Watch Dogs dev says PS4 so powerful that it "gave us a chance to dream" 03/24/14
PlayStation exclusive Watch Dogs content shown off in new trailer 03/22/14
GS News - Xbox One Sales Double and PlayStation 4 Getting Price Hike? 03/17/14
GS News Update - Watch Dogs creative director says story is 35-40 hours long 03/17/14
Watch Dogs creative director says story is 35-40 hours long 03/16/14
GS News Top 5 - Titanfall "game changing"; What’s up with Watch Dogs? 03/14/14
Watch Dogs reveal was 'forced' at E3 2012 by Ubisoft 03/12/14
Watch Dogs get new R18+ rating in Australia for sex and violence 03/12/14
GS News Update - Watch Dogs beta download found on Xbox One 03/11/14
Watch Dogs beta download found on Xbox One 03/11/14
Watch Dogs for PC looks "stunning" on high settings, Ubisoft says 03/11/14
Watch Dogs has 8-player online freeroam multiplayer mode 03/07/14
Watch Dogs visuals have not been downgraded, Ubisoft says 03/07/14
Watch Dogs for Wii U definitely not canceled 03/07/14
GS News - Watch Dogs + Dark Souls II Release Dates Announced! 03/06/14
Watch Dogs release date announced for everything except Wii U 03/06/14
Hacking and Hentai: One Ridiculous Hour in the Watch Dogs Sandbox 03/06/14
How Hacking Brings Chicago to Life in Watch Dogs 03/06/14
Watch Dogs PS3, PS4 bundles confirmed for Europe, but what about the US? 03/06/14
Watch Dogs - Story Trailer 03/06/14
Watch Dogs dev promises "big week" -- But what does that mean? 03/03/14
GS News - Flappy Bird Drama + Xbox One’s 1080p difficulties explained! 02/10/14
Watch Dogs on Wii U will not launch alongside Xbox One and PS4 versions 02/10/14
GS News Top 5 - Titanfall Delayed + Possible $399 Xbox One? 02/07/14
Watch Dogs trademark reinstated - Will Ubisoft go after the prankster? 02/06/14
GS News - Elaborate Watch Dogs prank and possible Nintendo Theme Park? 02/04/14
GS News - Watch Dogs Trademark Ditched, Sony Weighs in on 1080p/60fps Debate! 02/03/14
Prankster responsible for Watch Dogs trademark abandonment [UPDATE] 02/03/14
Watch Dogs Preorder Bonuses 02/03/14
Why you should buy an Xbox One in 2014 01/28/14
The Gist - 5 Reasons Why I'm STILL Excited For Watch Dogs 01/27/14
Watch Dogs on Wii U not cancelled [UPDATE] 01/24/14
Will Watch Dogs break free from the Ubisoft formula? 01/18/14
Ubisoft shares surge after China lifts console ban 01/08/14
The Waiting Game - Most Wanted in 2014 12/31/13
Exciting Open Worlds In 2014 12/21/13
Why Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs 12/16/13
The Waiting Game - Watch Dogs 12/03/13
Ubisoft - "We need to bring excitement back to this industry" 11/18/13
GS News Top 5 - Xbox One's SkyDrive, Diablo III on PS4 detailed + PS4 IS GO!! 11/15/13
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs progressing "very well," will be top-seller in 2014 11/12/13
Assassin's Creed IV and Watch Dogs DLC exclusive to PlayStation for six months, suggests Sony ad 10/24/13
GS News Top 5 - Wii U is selling, Watch Dogs delayed and RE7 is happening?! 10/18/13
Feedbackula - Watch Dogs Delay Debacle! 10/18/13
GTAV's success puts pressure on Watch Dogs, says analyst 10/18/13
The Point - Should you hold off on next gen? 10/16/13
Ubisoft shares nosedive after Watch Dogs delay 10/16/13
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs delay allows game to have "far bigger potential" 10/16/13
Ubisoft talks GTA effect 10/16/13
GS News - Watch Dogs delayed, Microsoft unthreatened by Steam 10/15/13
Watch Dogs Delayed - GS Breaking News 10/15/13
Watch Dogs delayed to spring 2014 10/15/13
GS News Top 5 - Steam Controller, Half Life 3, Sex App Renamed! 10/04/13
Lessons From the Wild: What Watch Dogs Learned From Far Cry 2 10/02/13
Watch Dogs runs at 30fps on Xbox One, PS4 09/27/13
New Watch Dogs Gameplay from TGS 2013 Sony Stage Demo 09/23/13
PS3-to-PS4 upgrade offer detailed 09/19/13
NASCAR driver will be NPC in Watch Dogs 09/12/13
Watch Dogs - Open World Demo 09/04/13
Aiden from Watch Dogs inspired by Dexter, Walter White 08/29/13
Hacking And Murder - A Tale of Watch Dogs Multiplayer 08/23/13
Sony Full Press Conference - Gamescom 2013 08/22/13
Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV preorders "very strong" says Ubisoft 08/21/13
Sony Gamescom Showcase in under 3 minutes. 08/20/13
GS News - Super Mega Sony+Microsoft Gamescom Rundown! 08/20/13
Watch Dogs - The Girl With The Illuminati Tattoo 08/20/13
Watch Dogs - DedSec Trailer 08/20/13
Watch Dogs film moving forward with Sony 08/20/13
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs' Chicago will feel alive 08/16/13
Watch Dogs - Hacking the City 08/13/13
No flyable aircraft in Watch Dogs 08/13/13
GS News Top 5 - Bioshock Infinite DLC, PS4 memory, new Xbox mode 08/02/13
Watch Dogs - Honored Trailer 08/01/13
Ubisoft will reveal new next-gen IP at Gamescom 08/01/13
Fans call for Tom Cruise to play lead in Watch Dogs movie 08/01/13
Watch Dogs, - Does Privacy Matter 07/30/13
Ubisoft asking fans who should play Aiden in Watch Dogs movie 07/26/13
SDCC On The Front Line - Interview with Aisha Tyler on Watchdogs 07/19/13
SDCC On The Front Line - Interview with Watchdogs Lead Story Designer 07/19/13
Ubisoft to release open-world games "on a regular basis" 07/18/13
$130 Watch Dogs limited edition revealed 07/18/13
Watch Dogs to sell around 6 million units 07/18/13
PAX Australia 2013 - What to check out at the show 07/16/13
GS News - New Mass Effect game & PS4 controller detects sweat?! 07/16/13
Ubisoft on new IPs: "We won't even start if we don't think we can build a franchise out of it" 07/16/13
GS News - Photorealistic graphics, Steam Sale, GTAV better than MGSV? 07/11/13
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs "the same game" on current- and next-gen 07/11/13
Ubisoft line-up for PAX Australia revealed 07/08/13
E3 Highlights: Best Games - The Division, Titanfall, The Crew 06/19/13
E3 Highlights: Best Publishers - EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Square 06/18/13
Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Rabbids movies on the way 06/12/13
Ubisoft details Watch Dogs multiplayer 06/12/13
Watch Dogs - E3 2013 Stage Demo 06/11/13
Watch Dogs - Gameplay demo E3 2013 Sony Press Conference 06/11/13
Ubisoft E3 Conference 2013 Mash-up 06/10/13
Watch Dogs - E3 2013 Trailer 06/10/13
E3 2013 press conference schedule for Asia 06/06/13
Feedbackula - Xbox One Announcement Anger! 05/31/13
Road to E3 - Watch Dogs 05/31/13
Xbox One - Perspective from the Xbox One Design Team 05/30/13
Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV confirmed for Xbox One 05/21/13
PlayStation 4 Hardware Teaser Trailer 05/20/13
Watch Dogs preorder perks revealed 05/20/13
Ubisoft confident Wii U will turn around 05/20/13
Ubisoft: Core gamers 'starving' for next-gen 05/16/13
Playstation 4 - Possible Reveal Trailer 05/13/13
GS News - Watch Dogs multiplayer will blend 'seamlessly' with sp 05/10/13
Watch Dogs multiplayer will blend 'seamlessly' with single-player 05/10/13
GS News - Ubisoft Reflections revealing new game at E3 05/08/13
Ubisoft Reflections revealing new game at E3 05/08/13
GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 22 - Of 720s & Sony Architecture 05/03/13
GS News - Sony dates E3 2013 press conference for June 10 05/03/13
Watch Dogs - Developer Diary 1 05/03/13
GS News - Watch Dogs gets November 19 release date 04/29/13
City in a Bottle: Designing the Story of Watch Dogs 04/29/13
Watch Dogs - Out of Control Trailer 04/29/13
Watch Dogs gets November 19 release date 04/29/13
GS News - Ubisoft: gamers are ready for always-online 04/15/13
Ubisoft: gamers are ready for always-online 04/15/13
If the Rumors Are True: 5 Reasons the Next Xbox Will Fail 04/14/13
Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs for Xbox 720 spotted on resumes 04/11/13
Watch Dogs - Threat Monitoring Report Trailer 03/26/13
GameSpot UK Podcast - PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs 02/27/13
Watch Dogs running on new engine 02/26/13
Sony PlayStation 4 Press Conference 02/21/13
Watch Dogs PS4 Gameplay Video 02/20/13
Watch Dogs coming to Wii U? 02/19/13
GS News - Watch Dogs out this holiday? 02/15/13
Watch Dogs out this holiday? 02/15/13
Wii U message hard to convey says Ubisoft studio head 02/06/13
GS News - AC Anthology, ACIII sells 3.5M, Watch Dogs in 2013 11/06/12
Our Favorite Games of E3 2012 06/15/12
GameSpot Asia Beat Ep.3: E3 2012 Aftermath 06/14/12
Watch Dogs E3 2012 Stage Demo 06/07/12
E3 2012 draws 45,700, brings in $40 million 06/07/12
Ubisoft E3 2012 Conference Mash-up 06/06/12
Hacking the City in Watch Dogs? There's an App for That 06/06/12
Top 5 E3 2012 Press Announcements 06/06/12
Watch Dogs: Hack The City, Hack Your Friends 06/05/12
Start/Select - E3 2012! Watch Dogs! Beyond: Two Souls! Archery! 06/05/12
Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference 06/04/12
Watch Dogs - Ubisoft Drops a Surprise Stage Demo 06/04/12
Watch Dogs Announcement Trailer 06/04/12
Who Watches The Watch Dogs? 06/04/12