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Kingdom Hearts III


Golden Highwind & Schwarzgeist Gummi ships

To unlock the Golden Highwind and the Schwarzgeist gummi ships you must beat the Schwarzgeist optional boss located in the Tornado looking vortex in the Misty Stream Galaxy.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rankGolden Highwind
Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rankSchwarzgeist
Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with an A-rankUltima/G

Contributed By: MusicM4st3r and Elranzer.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all 23 Classic MinigamesClassic Tone
Complete ArendelleCrystal Snow
Complete Kingdom of CoronaEver After
Complete Toy BoxFavorite Deputy
Get an excellent rating on all the bistro recipiesGrand Chef
Complete MonstropolisHappy Gear
Complete Olympus ColiseumHero's Origin
Complete 100 Acre WoodHunny Spout
Complete San FransokyoNano Gear
Complete Twilight TownShooting Star
Complete the Keyblade GraveyardStarlight
Synthesize in Moogle Shop.Ultima Weapon
Complete the CaribbeanWheel of Fate

Contributed By: Emical_Fire and hisroyalbonkess.


There are seven Orichalcum+ throughout Kingdom Hearts 3. They are needed to craft/synthesise the Ultima Keyblade and are different than the regular Orichalcum.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Found in a chest in The Carribean. Found on Exile Isle.Orichalcum + #1
Found in a chest in "The Final World". After completing the "Final World" go back to it and there will be a chest containing the Orichalcum +.Orichalcum + #2
Collect 80 of the Lucky Emblems/Hidden Mickeys.Orichalcum + #3
Collect all 10 treasures in the Frozen Slider Mini game in Arendelle.Orichalcum + #4
Beat the Eclipse Galaxy Boss. To unlock this boss you must defeat the enemies on each side of the cube then it will appear on top of the cube.Orichalcum + #5
Beat the high score in all the Flantastic 7 mini games.Orichalcum + #6
Collect from the Moogle shop Postcard Raffle, it is a random prize.Orichalcum + #7

Contributed By: MusicM4st3r.

Prize Postcard Unique Items

There are three unique items that you can get from Prize Postcards, aside from the random assortment of items and materials you normally get. Each of these can only be received once. The game's only Lucky Ring is found this way.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Random one-time Prize Postcard prizeGourmand's Ring
Random one-time Prize Postcard prizeLucky Ring
Random one-time Prize Postcard prizeOrichalcum+

Contributed By: Elranzer.

Secret Ending

To unlock the secret ending movie you will need to photograph Lucky Emblems scattered throughout the worlds. The amount required varies by the difficulty level you play on.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 90 Lucky EmblemsBeginner Mode
Collect 30 Lucky EmblemsProud Mode
Collect 60 Lucky EmblemsStandard Mode

Contributed By: OneWingedHero.

Ultimate Weapon Recipes

To unlock the recipes for Sora, Donald and Goofy's ultimate weapons, you must collect 58 different Synthesis items, then speak with any Moogle.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 58 different Synthesis Items.Save the King+ recipe
Collect 58 different Synthesis Items.Save the Queen+ recipe
Collect 58 different Synthesis Items.Ultima Weapon recipe

Contributed By: MusicM4st3r and Elranzer.

Easter Eggs

Original Music from Einhander

Enter the 5-star Schwarzgeist boss battle in Misty Stream with the Endymion gummi ship and its two Codymion small ships. It will play the original "Thermosphere" music from the PS1 game Einhander rather than the arranged version.

Contributed By: Elranzer.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophies

1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 10 Silver, and 32 Bronze Trophies

Begin your brand new adventure.A New Journey
Adventure through Twilight Town and complete the story.A Wish at Twilight
Adventure through Arendelle and complete the story.An Act of True Love
Finish the game and view the ending.Another Chapter Closed
Defeat 3,000 enemies.Bishop
Obtain a Keyblade that is fully powered up.Blademaster
Score at least 12,000,000 pts. in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.Centurion
Adventure through Olympus and complete the story.Clash of the Gods
Get a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game.Classically Trained
Collect every type of ingredient.Cornucopia
Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.Datascraper
Fully power up the Leviathan.Dreadnought
Score at least 70,000 pts. in the Festival Dance.Festive Dancer
Complete all of the Flantastic Seven missions.Flanmeister
Earn your first "Excellent" while preparing cuisine.Full Course
Cast grand magic for the first time.Grand Mage
Adventure through the Kingdom of Corona and complete the story.Happily Ever After
Use a link to defeat enemies for the first time.Heartbound
Complete the Lucky Emblems section of the Gummiphone.Hidden Kings
Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.Home Again
Adventure through Toy Box and complete the story.Inseperable Friends
Unlock all other trophies.KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master
Defeat 1,000 enemies.Knight
Complete the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone.Know Thine Enemy
Hold on to 50 photos.Lasting Memories
Raise Sora to LV 99.Leveled Out
Adventure through San Fransokyo and complete the story.Making a Difference
Earn an "Excellent" while preparing every type of cuisine.Master Chef
Get a new high score in one of the Classic Kingdom games.Muscle Memory
Reunite with Kairi.No Matter What
Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone.No Stone Unturned
Complete the Game Records section of the Gummiphone.One for the Books
Defeat 5,000 enemies.Rook
Use the gummi ship to obtain 20 unique treasures.Salvager
Snap your first photo.Say Cheese
Score at least 600,000 pts. in Frozen Slider.Shield Shredder
Use the gummi ship to find and photograph all the constellations.Stargazer
Complete the Synthesis section of the Gummiphone.Synthesist
Use an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time.Tall Enough to Ride
Begin the final confrontation with Master Xehanort.The Battle to End All
Gather the seven guardians of light.The Hearts Joined to His
Adventure through Monstropolis and complete the story.The Power of Laughter
Destroy the Schwarzgeist, menace of the Ocean Between.Thermosphere
Sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean.True Captain
Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.Ultima Weapon
Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story.Way of the Pirate

Contributed By: Aeramis.


Two Bonus HP Boosts

In Final World, after collecting 111 Sora copies, continue collecting copies instead of using the red portal. At 222 copies and 333 copies you will gain substantial, permanent HP boosts, and after 333, you'll automatically receive a cutscene.

Contributed By: etomocky.