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Skylanders Swap Force


Nightmare Difficulty

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish the game to be able to play on this difficulty.Nightmare Difficulty

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.



There are 30 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete Frostfest Mountains on any difficultyBlizzard Bailout
Light the fireworks in Woodburrow.Boom!
Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on any difficultyChampion of Skylands
Complete Cascade Glade on any difficultyChieftess Rescued
Complete Boney Islands on any difficultyCold Caravan
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Team Survival Arena levelsComing out Ahead
Earn a 3-star rating in any Team Survival Arena levelEnduring the Onslaught
Earn a 3-star rating in 17 Time Attack levelsFastest One Around
Complete Jungle Rumble on any difficultyGlumshanks De-Evilized
Defeat 10 GolemsGolem Graveyard
Earn a 3-star rating in 5 Bonus Mission levelsHeroic Champion
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Score Mode levelsHigh Roller
Complete Motherly Mayhem on any difficultyKalamity Averted
Complete Cloudbreak Core on any difficultyKaos Quashed
Complete Kaos' Fortress on any difficultyKastle Krashed
Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on Nightmare difficultyKnight of Nightmares
Complete Iron Jaw Gulch on any difficultyLawman
Earn a 3-star rating in any Time Attack levelMad Dash
Complete your first Bonus Mission levelNew Challenger
Complete Motleyville on any difficultyNew Law in Town
Use the signpost in Woodburrow to see the Message of the Day (online only).Newsworthy
Obtain all other trophies.NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dive off the Tree in Woodburrow.Perch Plunge
Complete Mesmeralda's Show on any difficultyPuppet Master Pounded
Complete your first Time Attack levelRace to the Finish
Earn a 3-star rating in any Score Mode levelRacking Up the Points
Complete your first Score Mode levelReach for the Sky
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Bonus Mission levelsRising Star
Complete Rampant Ruins on any difficultyRuins Romped
Complete your first Team Survival Arena levelSlings and Arrows
Complete Winter Keep on any difficultySnowball Fight!
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Time Attack levelsSpeed Demon
Complete Twisty Tunnels on any difficultySquid Squabble
Complete Mudwater Hollow on any difficultySwamp Secured
Complete all main chapters in Story Mode on Hard difficultyTimes are Hard
Earn a 3-star rating in any Bonus Mission levelUp and Coming
Complete Serpent's Peak on any difficultyVexed Viper
Complete Mount Cloudbreak on any difficultyWelcome To Woodburrow
Earn a 3-star rating in 17 Score Mode levelsWinning Streak
Complete Fantasm Forest on any difficultyWoods Wetted

Contributed By: Guard Master.