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Persona 5


Persona 5 Trophies

See the ending.A New Journey
Complete all requests.A Perfect Job
Obtain a Treasure Demon.A Phantom Thief's Duty
Perform an Electric Chair execution.A Sublime Experiment
Max out one Confidant.A True Confidant
Defeat the Reaper.A Unique Rebel
Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.Aggressive Searcher
Perform a Gallows execution.Atop Countless Sacrifices
Complete the Bank Palace.Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt
Complete 5 requests.Beginner Phantom Thieves
Defeat the twins.Beyond Rehabilitation
Read all books.Bookworm
Complete the Casino Palace.Casino of Jealousy Shut Down
Complete the Castle Palace.Castle of Lust Falls
Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat.Competent Negotiator
Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation.Countless Masks
Create all types of infiltration tools.Craftworker
Complete the Cruiser Palace.Cruiser of Pride Sinks
Buy every kind of drink from vending machines.Drink Fanatic
Perform a Guillotine execution.Execution Leading to Rebirth
Complete all video games.Golden Finger
Max out all Confidants.Great Phantom Thieves Convene
Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond.Guardian of the Pond
Obtain a Persona through negotiation.I Am Thou
Earn all trophies.Legendary Phantom Thief
Complete the Persona Compendium.Mask Collector
Rank first place on your exams.Mask of an Honor Student
Perform 50 Persona fusions.Merciless Executioner
Complete the Museum Palace.Museum of Vanity Closes
Unlock all hangout spots.My Backyard
Enter a special relationship with someone.My Best Partner
Perform a Group Guillotine execution.Nominating the Twins
Create Satanael.One Who Rebels Against a God
Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines.Passionate Listener
Perform 50 All-out Attacks.Perfect Combination
Form the Phantom Thieves.Phantom Thieves Formed
Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn.Power That Connects
Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times.Precise Insight
Complete the Pyramid Palace.Pyramid of Wrath Collapses
Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets.Skilled Gunman
Obtain the Persona Arsene.Soul of Rebellion
Complete the Spaceport Palace.Spaceport of Greed Destroyed
Hit a home run at the batting cages.The City's Hard Hitter
Ambush the enemy 50 times.The Sneaking One
Complete Mementos.The True Trickster
Deal over 999 damage in a single attack.The Ultimate Strike
Learn a new Persona skill through Lockdown.Through One's Sentence
Max out all social stats.True Talent
Customize a gun.Under-the-Table Goods

Contributed By: Kelystic and Mookiethebold.


Multiple Gallows Executions for the same Persona on the same day

Normally a Gallows Execution can only be performed on a Persona once per day to give it more EXP and a move from another Persona that will be executed. However there is a way to do it more than once, but depending on the Persona, will cost a fair amount.

First, perform a standard Gallows Execution on your desired Persona. Once done, register the Persona so that it retains the EXP and move it just received from that last execution. Then get rid of the Persona, either by deleting it from your Persona list or sacrifice it with Guillotine, Gallows or (if you can still do it that day), Electric Chair executions. Once gone, Summon the same Persona you just registered, and lo and behold, you can perform another Gallows Execution on it to gain even more moves and EXP.

This is particularly handy if you are trying to create a Persona with a specific skillset but are either in the middle of a Palace/Mementos run or low on time to complete a Palace and need all the time you can get. The only downside to this method is that the Summon does require a fee and depending on the Persona will be tens of thousands of Yen, but if you have money from Mementos runs, then it should be okay.

Contributed By: megasean3000.

Unlimited Money In Mementos Bosses

You can very easily get an unlimited amount of money from the boss fights in Mementos. Here are the steps to make this happen:

1. Capture or create Onmoraki. (He is available at the third palace and Path of Chemdah)
2. Level Onmoraki to level 15. This will give him the abilities 'Pulinpa' and 'Confuse Boost.'
3. Fuse Onmoraki to a higher level Persona. The higher level the better. Most people recommend Shiki-Ouji, but I just went with a higher level Persona in the 70's. The persona doesn't matter too much, just make sure that you are transfering over Pulinpa and Confuse Boost to the new Persona.
4. The goal is to have a Persona with at least 50 luck. This can be achieved more easily by equipping the Tyche Charm (+10 Lu), which can be purchased at the sixth palace for 400 coins.
5. Once you have a powerful Persona with Pulinpa, Confuse Boost and close to 50 Luck, go into Mementos.
6. Make sure you are well stocked on SP recovery items and remove all party members from your group except Joker. (This can be done in the Stats menu by pressing square.)
7. Encounter a Mementos boss that is not immune to Confuse. If there are multiple enemies in the boss fight, eliminate them, only leaving the boss.
8. Cast confuse on the boss. This will cause the boss to throw yen at you. Confuse lasts for 3 turns, so you'll have to frequently recast pulinpa. The boss will either throw an item, do nothing, or throw yen at the player.
9. The amount of yen thrown depends on the player's luck. Around 50 luck, I was getting between 60,000 - 90,000 yen when the boss threw yen. At higher luck levels, it's possible to get over 200,000 yen per turn.
10. The idea is to recast Pulinpa on the boss over and over and allow it to throw yen at you. This can take a really long time. It took me about 2 hours to go from 400,000 yen to 9,999,999. It requires patience and SP. I recommend having Futaba at a decent level so she can frequently give you more SP and HP if you are low.

These are the bosses that are not immune to confuse in Mementos:

- Beware of the Clingy Ex-Boyfriend!
- Phantom Thieves Vs Burglary Ring
- Part-Time Job, Full-Time Hell
- Bad Medicine
- Ending The Boyfriend's Abuse
- A Teacher Maid to Suffer
- Who's Been Assaulting People?
- Who's Muscling In Yongen-Jaya?
- Man of Many Faces and Debts
- Daughter's Just A Meal Ticket
- Swindling Old Folk Is Pretty Low

"Daughter's Just A Meal Ticket" is an excellent choice for this trick since the female boss will frequently throw SP items at the player.

Contributed By: GooberSD.

Enemy/Boss Tips

How to kill the Reaper easily

We all know that the Reaper is one of the hardest optional boss in the game. In order to kill it easily, wait for a day with an Influenza Warning. Note that November 13,14 and 15 and December 8 and 9 are the only dates that will have this kind of weather. When you're on one of this dates, travel to any regular floor of Mementos and wait for about five minutes. The Reaper will spawn and will come directly towards you. Make sure to ambush it so you can easily escape when the conditions aren't met. When the battle begins, be sure that the Reaper is inflicted with a Despair condition. If this does not occur escape and approach it again until its inflicted with a Despair condition. If his inflicted with this status it won't be able to attack and after three turns, it will die automatically. You will earn a large amount of EXP after the battle. You can then go to another floor and repeat this process. You will be level 99 in no time...

Contributed By: keyblade32.