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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all Challenge Scroll missions in Extra Mission modeKushina Card
Beat all "Best Combos" and "Ultimate Battle" Extra Missions.Orochimaru card
Beat all missions in Extra Mission ModeThe Last Card
Beat all missions in Tag Mission ModeThe Present Card

Contributed By: minato434 and SK00DX.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear "The Raikage Blasts Ahead" in Ultimate RoadAy (Raikage)
Beat "A Battle Spoken with the Eyes" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter)Danzo Shimura
Beat "Chasing the "Akatsuki"" in Ultimate RoadDiedra
Beat "Akatsuki, The Beginning" in Ultimate RoadGaara
Beat "Shikamaru's Genius" in Ultimate RoadHidan
Clear "Leaf Ninja Total Mobilization" in Ultimate Road Chapter 7.Hinata Hyuuga
Beat "Susano'o" in Ultimate RoadItachi
Complete chapter 6 The 8-Tails'' hostJiraiya
Beat the mision "The village hidden in the rain"Jiraiya (sage mode)
Beat "Naruto's New Jutsu" in Ultimate RoadKakuzu
Beat "Sasuke vs. Eight-Tails" in Ultimate RoadKiller Bee
Clear " Finding Killer Bee" in Ultimate RoadKisame Hoshigaki
Beat "Village Hidden in the Rain" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 7)Konan
Beat "Trembling Emotions" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter)Madara Uchiha
Beat "Team Kakashi Support Mission" in Ultimate RoadMight Guy
Clear "The Aftermath of the Rampage" in Ultimate RoadMinato Namikaze
Clear "New Power" in Ultimate RoadNaruto (Sage Mode)
Beat "Path to Peace" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 8)Pain (Tendo)
Beat "Five-Seal Barrier" in Ultimate RoadRock Lee
Beat ''A Test of Strength" in Ultimate RoadSakura Hauno
Beat "the Puppet Master" in Ultimate RoadSasori
Beat "The Shadow of Itachi" in Ultimate RoadSasuke (Black Costume)
Beat "Sasuke and Orochimaru" in Ultimate RoadSasuke (Hebi)
Beat "Infiltrating the Hiddin Cloud" in Ultimate RoadSasuke (Taka)
Beat "Premonition of an Encounter" in Ultimate RoadShikamaru

Contributed By: minato434, Light_L16, SK00DX, yeleng, and Charibasa.

Wallpapers for PSP

You can unlock wallpapers that can be saved to your PSP to use as the background in your theme. To unlock a wallpaper, complete 20 missions with one character. This can be done with each character. You can also receive another wallpaper by completing 100% of the Ultimate Road.

Contributed By: Azn Playah.