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The Warriors


99 Credits In Armies Of The Night

During gameplay in Armies of the Night.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, RightRecieve 99 Credits In Armies Of The Night

Contributed By: doodoobrain1923.

Enter the following cheats during game play

Enter the following cheats during game play, not paused.

L, Select, Square, Down, L, Right100% completion in story mode
Down, Square, X, Select, R, LeftComplete current mission
R, L, R, x, Down, LGet 200$, 4 Flash, 9 Sprays, 9 Keys, 9 Handcuff
R, Circle, Select, Up, L, RightGet A Pipe Weapon
Circle, Circle, Circle, L, Select, TriangleGet Brass Knuckles
Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, LGet knife
L , X , R(2), Select, RReceive a Machete
L, L, Circle, Up, Circle, SelectUnbreakable Bat
Up, Triangle, R, Select, X, LUnlimited Health
Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, LeftUnlimited Rage
right, r1, o, x, select, square.Unlockes All dealers
left, x(2), r1, l1, downUnlockes Hand Cuffs Keys
x, up, select, l1(2).Unlocks Hand Cuffs
L, X, R , L, L, CircleUpgrade Flash Capacity
x, l1, down, square, up, xUpgrades Stamina

Contributed By: Alexisonfire360, Raventheuz, APPREHENSIVE, ebonynights, CalistoCoon, and GameDork123.